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The Hardest Part of this is Leaving You - Fifteen

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Frank nearly killed her

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so! welcome to chapter fifteen.
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- No one ends up together.

in the meantime, enjoy chapter 15!


Frank was so cute when he was asleep. His face was angelic, an adorable smile playing on his lips. His long hair was sticking up in every direction, only making him more attractive. I had got out of his bed to use the bathroom and when I returned I saw him cuddling his arm. I gently slid back in behind him, being careful not to wake him and wrapped my arms round his chest, feeling his heart beat. I knew what I was doing was wrong, so so wrong. But he was like a drug to me, addictive and pleasurable. I knew it was wrong, but I felt like I was saving him from added heart break. I knew about Mikey and Alexa, and if I could hypnotise Frank into liking me, maybe, I would be able to stop him from getting his heart ripped out by Alexa.

Frank moaned a little in his sleep, twisting in my embrace.
“Shh, they wont hurt you” I whispered into his ear, knowing he was having nightmares.
Frank became more and more restless, kicking his legs and lashing out with his arms.
“Baby, its okay, I’m here” I breathed, trying to calm him.
He screamed, only quietly but I still heard it. I was now shaking him, trying to wake him up and stop Linda discovering me.
His gorgeous, almost caramel, eyes snapped open and he looked at me.
“G..ger…ard?” he stuttered, half asleep.
“ Honey, its okay.”
“They… they had Alexa and… they made me” his face crumpled and in the half light I could see a tear.
“They made you what?” I said, placing him on my lap and rocking him gently, like a baby.
“They… made… me….kill her” he choked, pressing his head into my neck and sobbing.
“Shh, its okay, I’ll never let them hurt you”
“Promise?” he looked up, into my eyes.
“I promise” I wiped away a tear with my thumb. “Trust me”
He smiled weakly, and I kissed his nose.



“Damn you!” Frank fell onto me again.
“Frank, stay off the drum!” Mikey sighed, moving for the first time since we started the song.
“But!” he pouted.
“Frank, you nearly freaking killed me that time” I pushed Frank off my lap, kissing him quickly when he protested.
“Ewww! Guys! Romance” Mikey mock puked.
“Aww, Mikey feels left out!” Frank ran up to Mikey and tried to kiss him, Mikey, wasn’t having any of it.
Lets just say, seeing Mikey chase Frank round the music room, screaming die at him while trying to hit him with his bass. Camcorder moment.
“Mikey!!!” Frank screamed, ducking behind my drums.
“Alexa, I have a bass, and I’m not afraid to use it” he looked past me, to where Frank was cowering.
“Mikey, I have a Frank, and I’m not afraid to use it” I tried to keep a straight face.
“Bitch!” Frank pulled by backwards, into his lap and kissed me passionately.
“Ewww!” Mikey screamed, just as the bell went for lunch.

We got our usual table, the corner closest to the door, so we could escape easily.
Bob was busy wringing his hands as we joined him at the table.
“Hey, Bryar” I smiled, sitting next to him and slyly catching his hands, Frank automatically sat next to me.
“Twink” he smiled at me before resuming fidgeting.
Ray and Gerard joined us, Ray opposite me and between Gerard and Mikey. Frank snaked his arm around my waist, eyes on Gerard. I sneakily looked at Gerard and distinctly saw him lick his lips in Franks direction. I was shocked, this guy was my best friend. Then I remembered, wasn’t I doing worse with Mikey? At least Frank had never kissed Gerard.

Bob cleared his throat and we all looked at him, causing him to blush badly.
“Guys, I’ve got something to tell you.” he said slowly
“You’re pregnant?” Frank screamed automatically.
“No. I’m not.” Bob frowned at Frank.
“You’re gay?” Frank feigned mock-shock.
“No. Alexa, control your girlfriend” Bob grunted at me
“You’re actually a woman?” Frank dodged a well thrown punch from Bob.
“Frank, shut the fuck up” Ray shot him a warning look and Frank actually was quiet.
“Okay” Bob coughed anxiously. “So, as you know, Dad got a new job”
The five of us nodded.
“And, it starts in three weeks. But, here’s the killer. We have to move.”
“Where?” the five of us asked in stunned unison.
“To the other side of the country” his face fell. “I wont be able to visit, obviously, but I’ll keep in touch”
“Bob! You cant leave me here” I sobbed, curling into his chest.
“Sorry honey” he kissed my hair “Believe me, I’d give anything to stay here, with you guys”

After Bobs revelation we tried to act normally, failing, but at least we tried.
After school the boys wanted to practise, but Bob obviously didn’t.
Gerard smiled at him, as Bob got out at his house.
“Dude, My Chem will miss you”
“Bryar will miss My Chem” he smiled, heartbroken, before shutting the door.
“Kay, so its us five” Gerard reversed the car and started driving to the Ways’ house.
“If Bobs leaving. Who’s gonna play drums?” Mikey asked curiously from next to me.
“Alexa?” Ray looked at me from the front.
“Yeah, Alexa is awesome!” Frank said enthusiastically
“Alexa?” Gerard looked at me “You up for being our drummer?”
“erm.” I thought for about one millisecond. “Hell yeahh!”
Mikey giggled, hugging me.
“What is it?” Gerard was looking at Mikey.
“Keep them two apart.” He pointed at me and Frank.
“Cause in music today… Frank nearly killed her”
“How?” Gerard was frowning at Frank.
“I’ll give you a demo later” Frank grinned.
“No you fucking wont!” I replied, in mock horror.
“Yeah, yeah sure Alexa”

It actually turned out, he did.
“Frankie!” I screamed as he landed on my lap.
“Shut it, sexy” he grinned, kissing me before resuming playing like his life depended on it.
As I was playing I watched Gerard and Frank. Frank would play really close to Gerard and then fall back, playing nearer the near static Mikey. Frank got really really close to Gerard at one point, and kicked him square in the balls.
I couldn’t help laughing. I put down my drumsticks and doubled up, crying laughing.
“Alexa, its not funny. I actually want kids” Gerard gasped, face contorted with pain.
“Fuck..” I choked, trying my damndest to stop laughing.
Mikey suddenly burst out laughing, setting his bass down so he could properly laugh.
“MICHAEL!” Gerard roared, rugby tackling him.
“Why me?” Mikey gasped, between giggles. “Frank kicked you!”
“Ahh, yes” Gerard stood up, looked at Frank, picked up Mikeys bass and chased him round the room.
“Fucking hell!” Frank screamed. “Its like de-ja-bloody-vu!”

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