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Is How I Disappear - Sixteen

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Sorry I havent updated in forever, peace offering of cookies.

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I promise, swear down, that soon I will have a long update!
This is just a filler... but Before monday I swear on Rays hair I will have a decent, long, update or two.

Just so you know, we are currently tied between
Frank + Alexa. - 1
Mikey + Alexa, Frank + Gerard. - 2

Voting opens, NOW!


I hated the day Bob left. Properly hated it. Me, Ray, Frank and the Ways all came to see him off. There were a lot of tears and hugs. I hung onto Bob for dear life, not wanting to be separated.
“Call me” I choked, between tears.
“Twink, you know I will” he wiped away a tear with his thumb before hugging me and posing for the photo Frank had insisted we take.
“I guess this is goodbye” Bob smiled valiantly, hugging all of us in turn before stepping into his car. We waved him off, waved while he turned the corner and for another five minutes.
“Now what?” I asked finally, breaking our icy silence.
“We go get coffee?” Gerard was staring at the corner. Unblinking.
“Your best friend just left, and you want coffee?” Ray said, voice saturated with sarcasm.
“Better idea Toro?” Gerard looked up and into Rays eyes, with a stare so chilled I shivered.
“Fine, coffee it is”

We were sat, each cradling our coffees, on our usual sofa. Frank had bought me some cake, because it looked so damn good, and was teasing me with it.
“Damn you!” Frank screamed as I reached around him and took a bite of cake.
“What?” I replied, innocently, batting my eyelashes.
“You’re gonna pay for that. Later” he smiled at me and my heart melted.
“Dude, save the sex talk, Im eating” Mikey mimed being sick into his overly complicated coffee. It was so complicated, the woman at the till had made him write it down so she could remember it.
“Coffee is not eating, Michael” Frank said his words really slowly, as if Mikey had learning difficulties or something.
“To the Ways…” Gerard began
“It is” Mikey finished.
“Are me and Alexa making you uncomfortable?” Frank teased Mikey, like a cat pawing with a mouse.
“A little” Mikey replied coldly. Using the same stare Gerard had used on Ray earlier.
“Frank, if looks could kill you’d be six feet under” Ray ruffled Franks hair, pissing him off further.
“Twice” Gerard gave Frank an equally painful death-stare but something was missing. Too much love in his venom.
“Sure” Frank nodded and Gerard definitely licked his lips.
What was going on between them?

I swear, weekend.

xo R.
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