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Just Maybe

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Two things could happen right now one Gerard could push me off and beat me to death, second he would kiss back. I was going for the second one but then again I am a liar so why should my opinion matter? His soft against mine made my body melt. He started to kiss back I was taken back I did not think he would kiss me back; his hands reach to touch my face. I was no longer in the real world I no longer cared anymore, I had no idea how long we were kissing, he pulled apart and look into my eyes.

“Wow,” He whisper

“I know,” I whisper back.

“Why did you kiss me,” He ask

There comes a moment in time when someone asks you a question and you have no idea how to answer that person, this is one of those moments. Sometimes you can lie your away out but if you do then you will be like me. So what could I say?

“I don’t know,” I replied. I did not know maybe these feelings I have for him are finally catching up too me I had to face it sooner of later. I cannot say I like you he would never believe me I am a liar anything I say is a lie.

“So it was a something you regret isn’t it,” He said while we both stood up.

Was it something I regret I do not think so there is a lot of stuff in life I regret but kissing him is not one of them. He does not understand how hard it is for me to tell the truth when I have no idea what the truth is anymore.

“You do not understand how hard this is for me I am a liar I can not say how I feel or tell the truth when inside I want to scream it all out. It does kill me I lied my whole life but when I met you something happen, you made me see what a liar I really am, but you would never believe me I lie” I said. I could not say I said honesty because I had not idea if I told the truth or what I said, but saying all of that made me feel right.

“How can I believe you? You have lied to me before many of times how can I just all of a sudden believe you. I really do think it would be for the best if we just we our separate ways in life, “He said while looking at me.

All I can do was nod I was even surprise I could do that, I watch him turn away and walk away. Right there in that moment in time I think a part of me just died and there was no way I could change that. I could feel the tears coming down my face I had never cried before so I guess this is what crying feels like, I do not think I like crying. Maybe I should just go stand on the edge of the wall and just jump, and then my lying days would be gone forever, so why should I not give it a try.

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