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He Means Nothing... I Think

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'"Told me what, Frank?" Olivia snapped...'

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Chapter 33:


"Livvie your iPods..."
Olivia rushed past me nervously as the kettle began to whistle. I looked over to the table by the door with her iPod lying ontop. She was lying to me.
I walked into the kitchen, sitting down at the table and picking at the black nail varnish on my nails. All the excitement I was feeling before Gerard turned up had gone.
"Here we go" Livvie said handing me a cup of tea.
"Livvie what did Gerard really want?"
I raised my eyebrows at the word 'really' as she sat down next to me, avoiding eye contact with me.
"He had to tell me something..."
I took in a deep breath. I knew what he said to her. I had known about Gerard's feelings for Olivia still for ages now.
"He told you then?"
"Told me what, Frank?" Olivia snapped.
"That he loves you"
Olivia's face turned white and she took in a deep breath before saying anything to me.
"I don't feel the same"
"It's okay if you do... I thought this was to good to be true anyway"
"No! No Frank! I love you. Gerard's just confusing me, I told him to leave. I don't want him. I want you!"
Olivia leaned into kiss me. I let her, pressing my lips lightly against hers. I felt her lips curve up as she smiled and then deepened the kiss. She slowly made her way over to me, sitting herself on my lap and wrapping her legs around my waste. I brushed my tongue over her bottom lip and she quickly granted me excess to her mouth. Our tongues danced as her hands slid over my top, hooking on at the bottom and lifting it slowly up. I pulled back. My hand on her chest breathless from the kiss.
"You sure you want to do this?" I asked.
Olivia grinned at me and pulled of her top. My hand tip toed up her pale flat stomach and rested on her left breast. She shuddered at the coldness of my hand and lifted off my top. I leaned in and kissed her up her stomach and up to her neck making her moan as she unbuckled my belt.
I stood up with her wrapped around my body and carried her upstairs to her bedroom, lightly placing her down on the bed and then pulling off her shorts to reveal a lacy black thong. I felt myself go hard as she sat up and took them off and then pulled down my boxers, then pulled her body into mine. Our bodies fit perfectly together. She rolled on top of me and kissed me lightly on the lips.
"Be gentle with me" she whispered against my neck.

A/N: Gee I hope this didn't suck... I didn't want to go to into detail with the sex because it might put people off. Anyway. Thank you to all the people whi gave me some ideas. They really helped!
I'm going to take turns updating both of my stories. Like this today and God Help Us tomorrow and then this etc...
Hope you enjoyed :)
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