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Both the guys looked at each other and then laughed. The first one which was a little taller then spoke," Wow! this little emo ass punk is going to fucking try and tell us what to do? Tell me kid, why should we listen to you?" The person who spoke up to them then answered," Because, can't you see that you're picking on someone you don't even know that is obviously been through enough? I mean come on! You guys are that pathetic that you have to pick on a girl? And beating on me because I'm defending her wont help the situation one bit." I could see the guys tense up and I still couldn't see the person who was speaking's voice," So, if you want to help this little situation, you'll walk away and leave her be."

The two hooded "men" looked at each other then back at me then the other person then nodded and walked off. Once they were out of the way, I could see this beautiful boy standing there. He had raven hair and it framed his face wish made him look dashing. He was utterly pale but his lips had a light fleshy pink to them. His eyes were a beautiful emerald that made the green grass seem dull to me. His cheek bones were very subtlely sticking out and his nose seemed in an odd way, cute. He had on a regular black tee which was baggy hiding his body with a leather jacket that looked a little old and worn. It looked like his favorite clothing item. He had dark blue jeans on and a pair of black sneakers. I couldn't help but stare at him he was so stunning to me. I wasn't gawking, just embracing a work of art. He smiled at me a little then nodded a little. I felt my cheeks burn a little and I knew I was blushing. He opened to speak again and this time, I really heard his voice," Do you mind if I sit next to you...?" His voice sounded like velvet. He was so soft spoken to me that I almost thought it was someone else who just told those jerks to leave me alone. It was a tenors voice but I loved it. It was so relaxing and it made me feel...enlightened. I nodded. OF COURSE you can sit next to me!? I laughed a little then turned to face him and smiled sweetly." Hey, thanks man, I don't even know you and you probably just saved my ass..." he smiled," Hey! Don't you have third period with Mr. Willis?" I felt my heart speed up a little, I hoped he did, it would be another excuse to talk to him." Yeah,actually I do. I sit in the third row back from the front of the class. So in a way, I kinnda do you know you." His face brightened up a little. I couldn't help but smile and nod.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to answer him, the bell rang,"Hey! Uhm... I'm Alice, what's you're name?" I bit my lip a little out of a nervous habit. "It's Gerard. And hey Alice, I'll talk to you in third today. Mr. Willis isn't here so it's basically a free day." I nodded and smiled then he returned it then disappeared into the crowd. Time to go to the office...Oh JOY! I let out a little groan. What none of my friends knew was that the school had found out about my incidents at home with my family and every morning, I have a full body inspection so they have it on record when I take them to court. I grabbed my things then slowly began making my way to the office. I decided that today I'd take the long way, my side was still pretty sore and I didn't want to strain it and make it worse. I knew that the nurse would have to fish out the glass and I wasn't looking forward to that either... I could feel the pain now, a little too well. I snapped out of my little trance and then I saw why, I had gotten rammed into a door. I couldn't help but let a scream escape and I dropped my bag and clutched my side. It felt like I was just branded and I wanted the pain to stop. Everyone looked at me oddly and I knew I had to try and suck it up. I slowly grabbed my bag then crept slowly to the office.

When I had gotten there, it had been ten minutes past when the late bell rang, Rose would be worried. Rose like family to me in all actuality. For the almost two years she's known me, she's been kind and treated me humane, she never said I was stupid or craving attention like almost every other adult says I do. I smiled at the receptionist then walked towards Rose's office. The school office was a dull tan color and was in serious need of a paint job in my opinion. There was filing cabinets everywhere and four main offices that were visible from my standpoint. By the time I walked into the lonely room, I had noticed that everyone who saw me stared at me in horror. I began to wonder what was wrong with me? I went to go grab for the brass handel on her fire red door then looked over my shoulder and saw the secretary go back to her filing. I opened the door and quickly entered the room.

Rose wasn't in her office so I figured she went to go get coffee or something little like that. I shimmied around the giant oak desk that was right by the door then went and sat on the worn old couch. When I set my things down I sat and be began to just awkwardly look around. I had been in here so many times that I could name where everything was without being in the actual room. Next to the oak desk, there was a tall brown boo case and it was full of pictures and books and what-not. The walls were painted gray and her tattered couch were the only main things in there. There was no windows and only one main light in the room. I let out a sigh and then Rose walked in. She had a coffee cup in hand and a smile across her face. She had a very bony face and her cheek bones were very prominent. Her hair was a dirty-blonde and up in a messy pony tail and her hair rested on her shoulder and went down to about her mid-arm area. She was as tall as me but like a stereotypical cop, she was fat. It wasn't repulsive though,in a way, it made her adorable to me because she was always so happy and cheery. She had her uniform on and her hazel eyes seemed almost gold because of how bright the light was. She sat down and smiled," Hey creepy kid, I have something for ya'!" her soprano voice rang out. I smiled a little and laughed to myself. " Oh you do? And hello to you Robo-Cop 9000!" We both laughed to the point of tears. She wiped them away then pulled out a tiny box from her desk. It looked so small in her hands considering that she could wrap her whole hand around the box if she tried. I looked at it a little oddly then I got up and took the box out of her hand. She smiled," Open it, I think you'll love it! Just don't wear it 'round the folks or they'll freak." When I opened the tiny little box, I saw a beautiful little star neckless that had a sapphire in the middle. It was on a gold chain and the stone was real. My whole face lit up and I grinned from ear to ear then ran around the desk and hugged her tightly. She knew my favorite color was blue and my nickname from her was "Star". It was perfect. She laughed lightly," I knew my little Star would love it!" She grinned then I felt her tense up when I pulled away. I looked a her and saw she was stareing at her hand. When I followed her sight, I saw her hand was covered in blood, my blood.

She instantly picked up the phone and called the nurse and she was in there in a second and I had been regretting that I had came to school today. The nurse had me lay down on the bed and lift my shirt up so she could see where the bleeding was. Sure enough, they found the cuts from where the glass had gotten me and she also saw the blood. I braced myself because I knew what was coming next, they were going to put pressure on the wound then once it was done bleeding, they were to clean it out and fish out the glass. I started to count back from ten but when I hit five I felt the gauze being pushed on my side with force and I screamed at the top of my lungs and I couldn't help it. The pain was excruciating. I would have rather had cigarettes put of on me or to get burned by an oven but this, this was torture. When I felt the nurses hand move away from my body, I heard her gasp. I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face and all I could manage to studder out was,"p-p-please get me p-pain medi-ince. PLEASE!" The nurse quickly ran out and I felt Rose's hand on my face stroking my hair trying to calm me down and "shush"-ing softly. I began to breathe more even and then the nurse came in and started mixing a concoction of pastes and liquids together. Rose nodded when she looked at the nurse then she looked back at me. "This is going to completely numb the pain. They nurse said she felt something in your side and we have to get it out and clean it before it gets infected. Do you understand?" I nodded and felt more tears stream down my face. She held my hand and then suddenly I felt a needle slowly get pushed into my side then everything went blank.



When I woke up I felt cold and wet. I shot up instantly and my side didn't hurt but then I recalled what had just happened. I shook my head and saw the sweat drip down from my nose onto the floor. At least the medicine was still working and I couldn't feel any pain from my side. I looked down and saw that I didn't have the shirt I had on before, instead it was a big baggy white t-shirt. I looked up then saw Rose sitting in her chair looking down at the neckless she got me. I cautiously stood up then walked up and hugged her. " I love it Rosy-bear," I tried to play off a convincing smile when she turned her head," I'll wear it everyday." She smiled and then I noticed that tears were rolling down her cheeks. I looked at her puzzled," What's wrong Rose?" She sniffled then grabbed for a tissue. " Oh honey, it just breaks my heart to see what they do to you! You're so wonderful and amazing and the total opposite of what they are and you're hurt and abused by them and it shatters my heart." I hugged her a little tighter then sighed," I know you don't like it but just think, I'm taking them to court soon and then I'll be rid of them and they'll be in jail... Where they belong." She smiled then nodded," Good, then you can be free.... But you need to be on you're way, third period is about to start and you need your education." I shook my head "yes", took the neckless from her and put it on then grabbed my things and left her office. I grabbed my pass from the secretary and then began walking to Mr. Willis' class.

The walk was lonely considering that everyone was still in class. When I was ten feet away from the door, the bell rand to switch from second to third and I sighed and waited for all the students to clear out of the doorway so I could walk in. When after what seemed ages passed I could walk into the room. When I walked in all I could smell was the scent of an overbearing perfume or something of that sort and it made me feel sick. I quickly moved to my seat in the back of the room and sat at my old rickety desk. It was very old and the only reason I knew that was because of all the carvings made in it, of course some were from me but the others were so out-dated. I looked around the room and there seemed nothing different about it like everything else with this school, it was unchanging. The walls were a dull green and the chalk board had an even coat of white on it from lack of it being cleaned. There was a metal desk at the very front of the room with an old wooden chair that our teacher sat at. In this room, there was windows luckily and on the windowsill, there was numerous text books strewn across it. Our teacher Mr. Willis was a total air head and had everything scattered about but for an odd reason, it worked for him. It was like my teacher had his little organized Anarchy, if such a thing was possible. Along all the walls were book shelves and filing cabinets and even cheesy little posters that honestly in a Geometry Honors class were useless and a little insulting to our intellect levels.

Mr. Willis was a total character. He was the definition of a nerd to a "T" and I thought it was hilarious. He was about five foot two and as skinny as a rail. He had a long pointed nose and he had thick rimmed glasses to rest at the very edge of them. He was very old, maybe in his late sixty's to early seventy's and was balding. No body could really stand to look at his face because the extremity of his glasses would sidetrack you. Every day he wore a plain colored button-up shirt and a salmon colored pair of pants that were held up by suspenders that looked as if any moment they would give under the pressure of being stretched and snap. His voice was very high pitched, at almost a female's range and when he got upset, which was quite often with me, it would crack. I laughed at the thought of hearing my elder teacher's voice. He was a great teacher but a very different one at that....

Then out of nowhere, I remembered that I was going to talk to Gerard today in this class since our corky old teacher was out. I began to watch the door but tried to do it subtlely and I prayed that it worked. Almost as if on cue, Gerard walked in and looked straight at me and smiled. I felt my heart melt and I couldn't help but smile back. Why is it that I act this way around him? I just met him! He walked over to my desk then took a seat in the one next to me," Why, hello there Alice." he smiled more exposing his white smile and I laughed a little. " Why hello there Gerard! How's your day been?"

" Ehh, it's been okay, other than this morning, it's been pretty boring. And yours?"

I dreaded the question and I felt my face draw a blank." Well, uhh.... My day has been....", I scrambled to think of an approriate word," Interesting. We'll leave it that way." I looked down at my hands then began to mindlessly mess with my fingers.

He nodded," Oh, those guys messing with you still? You want me to take care of them?"

I laughed a little," Oh! No, no one has bothered me, it's just today has been an off day. But let's talk about other things than people being assholes shall we?"

He nodded again," We shall." He smiled," Uhm... Hmm.... What's you're favorite thing to do on a rainy day?"

I looked at him oddly," Well that's a silly question! I love to dance in it!" We both laughed a little.

The bell chimed then and the substitute walked in and she cleared her throat. I looked to see who it was and I saw that it was none other than our assistant principal Mrs. Perkins. The was a woman with a tad bit of a tan with a lean body. She had short red hair that went to her shoulders and I believe green eyes... I couldn't see from where I was sitting, nor did I care. She was in a navy blue suit and I grinned from ear to ear. Mrs. Perkins was the coolest assistant principal I've had and she'd let you get away with murder as long as you were a good, respectable student.

She began searching through all of Mr. Willis' clutter to find the attendance clip-board and she didn't succeed. Someone in the first row suggested that we all wrote our names down on a piece of paper and leave it in a place where we know our teacher would find it. When all was said and done, Mrs. Perkins put on a movie that was meant for little kids so this gave me and Gerard to talk more.

When the bell rang to go to fourth I was so upset, I just want to stay and talk to Gerard for hours if time permit us. He was very inelegant and it made him very easy to talk to. I found out that we almost had our sixth-period class together which was Lunch. I smiled, only one two more classes then I could see him again and I couldn't wait. We talked about some of interests and how we both liked the same type of music (which was obviously Rock N' Roll and Punk) and that we were both into art and literature. He was a joy to be around and a total gentleman, his parents raised him well.





The classes up to lunch seemed like a blur and when I saw Gerard standing next to a patio table in the courtyard waiting to talk to me, I almost ran to see him but by then, the medicine had worn off so I had to monitor my movements again. We acted more like we'd known each other for years instead of only hours. In lunch we talked about life and philosophy and it did get kind of defensive and less philosophical. We quickly ended some topics and learned what we couldn't talk about with each other unless we wanted to be at one another's throat. We exchanged our phone numbers and agreed that since we had the same schedule that we could tutor each other if and when we needed the help. We understood one another and I had been searching for that in someone since I was tiny. I didn't want the bell to ring but it did and I just wanted to cry. I wouldn't be able to see him for the rest of the day and that meant I had only two more hours until I entered Hell again... While walking off to my next class all I wanted to do was run away to a safe haven because I needed a place to harbor me and protect me from the pain I would get when I came "home". I laughed a little in a pathetic way, my house was not a home, and if it was, then it was severely damaged.

The hours leading up to the departure of school dragged on and then when the final bell sounded, it was time to leave to my prison. I was glad that I had a basement as my bedroom, it was easy for me to sneak out of at night and even easier to slip back into. My aunt and uncle went to bed between nine and ten but always by ten-thirty, they were asleep. Since that was the case, I could sneak out and go wherever if I pleased and they would never know unless they checked for me in my room after they went off to bed. It took me about thirty minutes to walk home all together which was actually a long time but my side didn't feel too goo either...

When I walked inside, my uncle was sitting in the lazy boy chair watching t.v. in his boxers and a sweat-stained tank top, he must have gotten called off today. My aunt was probably out shopping spending her pay check she just got from her salon. I avoided him as best I could and ran to my room and locked my door. I wasn't allowed to pain my room so the walls were white. The only things in my room really were my clothes in my closet, my school things, a bed, a wooden nightstand and a lamp that rested on top of it, an alarm clock, and a tiny stereo that I was barely allowed to listen to because it was "too loud". I threw my things down on the floor then plopped on top my bed and sighed. I just want to fly away from here... Why couldn't I have been a bird? I shook my head then sat up and got all of my homework out and quickly finished it. When I finished, I put everything away and I layed back down on my bed and stared at my ceiling. There was nothing to do and I felt like listening to my radio. Of course the price of seeing if I could listen to my radio would mean that I'd have to get up and actually make contact with my uncle and ask permission.

I debated on it for a few moments then said "fuck it". I got up and walked out to our dreadful living room. The walls were a dark brown and it smelled of dead flowers and whiskey. We had linoleum flooring that was a light brown and it looked like wood flooring but I knew better. They got the linoleum because it was an easier clean up if they made a horrible mess in the process of one of my beatings. There was a tan couch right next to where my uncle was sitting and coffee table in the center of the room with fake flowers in the middle if it. I inhaled then exhaled deeply. I waited for the show to cut to commercial then gussied myself up then opened my mouth to speak," Uncle Bill, sir, may I listen to my radio for about an hour or so?" I held my breath. He turned his head and looked at me and smiled his drunken smile, he'd already gotten into the booze and it wasn't even four O' clock yet. He nodded," Yeah, I guess the little whore can listen to her fucking noise for an hour..." he turned back to look at the t.v. ," but if I hear it then I'll come in and smash the thing to bits if I have to." I nodded and then turned around and headed back to my room smiling. At least I could have my music for about an hour. The whole house's interior was painted that ugly shit brown, I don't understand why but stepping into my room seemed like Heaven. I put on my radio and kept it low so I wouldn't get this one smashed like all the others did for no good reason.

My Aunt Hilda got home about a half an hour after I put my music on and she was actually dare I say it, happy. That night, she brought home a meal from the market and it was delicious. The heat of the food was refreshing and it was the best mean I'd had in a while. There was no fighting after dinner and my aunt and uncle acted actually quite civil to each other. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that things were going to turn around, but the thing is I knew things would never get better. When time came to get ready for bed, my aunt actually told me "goodnight" and that was a first. Between her and my uncle, my aunt hated me the most. I knew that if she was being this sweet to me tonight, she'd be twenty times worse than before the next night and I just wished she would learn to love me...
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