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Hiding In The Darkness, They Lurk...

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The darkness always seemed so inviting to him, what happens when the darkness comes after him?

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Blood streamed down his neck, illuminated by the flickering streetlights that surrounded him as he wandered aimlessly. He never knew that it would get that far, that dangerous. He should have known, but how could he? He's not psychic. He can't predict scenes like that taking place. It's a scary thought, thinking that they existed and finding out for a fact that they did. Also losing something precious to him.

His heart, his blood, and ultimately, his soul.

The streets seemed dark to him. Not for the sense of light, but in the sense of feeling. People and creatures lurking in every corner. Homeless people browsing the streets and alleys for places to sleep and to find warmth. Sad, real and ultimately depressing. But they don't know of the constant darkness that lurks behind them, feeding on them, knowing that no one else really care's. To everybody else, they were just drunks with no homes, stories with no happy endings. But to them, they're breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even a snack if you will. Should he warn them?


To him, they have nothing to live for, it just doesn't matter if they live or die.

So he walked the dark streets, knowing that the sun, the sun would come up in a couple hours, rambling to himself the same thing over and over again.
"And as always, innocent like roller coasters. Fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have no idea what you're up against. Because I've always seen what they look like. Becoming perfect as if they're sterling silver chainsaws going, cascading through the never ending darkness of a half life, condemned to death forever"

The rain started to gently fall, singing a familiar song each time it hit the ground. The wind blew, throwing scattered raindrops at him, hitting his face, and his body. If he were like any other normal person, he would shiver and try to get home faster, try to shield himself from the rain that surrounded him, but he was not like a normal person, not anymore.

His mind was so set on everything that was happening around him that he forgotten about the wounds that pierced his neck. The river of blood from his neck, still bleeding washing away with the rain. His black t-shirt clung to his pale, ghostly body, as did his jeans to his legs. His long hair askew, some sticking to his face, some blowing with the wind. His big, beautiful hazel eyes staring out into the darkness were set on a familiar figure that was moving toward him.

"Gerard!" the figure called at him over the sound of the singing rain. The figure stomped its way over to Gerard, splashing its boots in the puddles that were sprawled out in front of it. The figure was male. His height was around six foot. He was very lean and pale. His hair was dark, like Gerard's, and his eyes were hazel as well. "Hey, what's up? Where were you?" he asked, panting, trying to keep the rain off his glasses, "We were starting to get worried..."

"...Innocent like roller coasters. Fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have no idea what you're up against..." Gerard rambled, still walking forward, entranced, ignoring the man that was trying to keep up with him.

"Gerard, are you alright?" The man said, still gasping for air.
"...As if they're sterling silver chainsaws going, cascading..."
"Gerard, stop!" said the man, reaching out to Gerard, grabbing his shoulder and stopping him, pulling Gerard back to face him. "Are you alright? Gerard, it's me, Mikey, your brother."
"And as always, innocent like roller coasters..." Gerard kept rambling, over and over and over again. Mikey looked at his brother, surprised at what he was seeing and hearing. He sensed that something was horribly wrong with his older brother, really wrong. His talk about ghosts in snow and never ending darkness frightened Mikey to an extent. Gerard had never ever acted this way before, his neck was pouring with crimson blood and his best friend was nowhere to be found.

"Okay," Mikey said to his older brother, taking him by the shoulders and making Gerard look at him. "Just let me take you home and I'll make you some coffee and we'll just talk, okay? J-just let me see if I can call Sam to see if I can get a hold of her, alright? Just..."
"Sam's dead." Gerard said, interrupting his own rant to tell his brother. Gerard looked at Mikey, as if he were normal again, in some sense. "She died because they took her blood and I couldn't save her. A-and she kept on saying that "we'll shoot back holy water like cheap whiskey because they're always there" and I c-couldn't...I couldn't..." Gerard broke down, obviously fully recalling what had happened.

"I'll call Frank, and the guy's and we'll all talk about it, okay? Come with me. First I'll take you home." Mikey put his arm around Gerard's shoulder, turning him around the other way. Mikey could feel Gerard's skin under his wet T-shirt. Hard as marble and cold as ice. Just like a vampire's skin would feel but that wasn't possible...

Mikey guided his brother back through the streets, the streetlamps giving way to the light of dawn that approached through the shroud of rain that enveloped the vanishing darkness around them. Gerard continued to ramble over and over again still entranced by what had happened and this worried Mikey, his older brother had never been like this before and he'd had some bad times before but nothing as bad as this.

They arrived at the house Gerard had shared with Sam just before the sun appeared above the horizon, "Gerard, where are your keys? Have you got them on you? Gerard?" Mikey put his hand on his brother's shoulder to turn him towards him, Gerard didn't answer it was obvious he was still entranced but at least he had stopped rambling. "It's fine, I've got them in here somewhere" Mikey said to himself, searching his coat pockets, Sam had given Mikey a spare set of keys to the house in case anything bad ever happened.

He finally found the keys and unlocked the heavy door, he led Gerard inside the house away from the nearing sunlight. Mikey shut the blinds and curtains in every downstairs room as Gerard had always felt safer in a dark room, when he returned to the lounge he found Gerard sat on the sofa staring into the darkness, "I'm just going to call Frank and the other's to get them to come over and then I'm going to see to you neck, ok?" Mikey knew his brother hadn't heard him but saying it out loud was helping him get his head together.

Mikey had been over so many times he knew were everything was better than anyone else, he put the coffee machine on and got out 2 mugs then went to find the phone. "Frank, it's Mikey" he said over the phone wandering round the hallway putting on the light illuminating part of the dark house,
"Mikey! It's 6:30 in the morning, what the fuck do you want? I was asleep!" Frank moaned back down the phone, turning in his bed, his head and the room spinning. "Sorry but it's important, I found Gerard walking in the rain in the middle of town and..." "Yh that's probably cuz he and Sam got pissed" Frank laughed back, dizzily sitting up in his bed looking round his room, trying to remember what happened last night.

"No Frank you don't understand he was on his own, Sam was no where in sight and I think he was attacked, something happened to him and Sam when they should have been at your party, look I'll explain more when you get here just call Ray and Bob, tell them it's urgent and they need to get over to Gerard's now, Ok?" Mikey rambled down the phone to Frank in a hurry, walking back into the kitchen turning the light off behind him, once again plunging the house into total darkness.
"Yh, ok Mikey calm down I will ring them now" Frank moaned holding the phone against his ear while getting out of bed "I will be round as soon as I can, see you in a bit."

Frank was probably the shortest of the group at about 5"4, unlike Mikey and Gerard he had quite short Black hair. His Hazel and Green eyes stood out against his naturally pale skin, it gave him an eerie but powerful look, the fact that his skin was covered in tattoos and piercing's also gave him a sense of extreme power. He pulled on the clothes that he had worn to the party last night still thinking about what Mikey had just said to him, he walked over to the window and pulled back the curtains, 'Oh great' he thought to himself while he looked at the grey November sky above and the rain that beat against the window. He managed to make it down the stairs without falling over but somehow manage to trip over an empty bottle of beer that had been left on the bottom step, "ooowwwwhhhh" Frank exclaimed as he got back up, he looked around his lounge and kitchen and was met with a scene of empty bottle's, crushed can's, shot glasses and empty pizza boxes. "What the hell happened last night?" was all he could say.

"Fuck, where's the phone?" suddenly remembering what Mikey had told him to do, he ran into the kitchen nearly tripping over several bottles as he did, "Phone, phone, where's the fucking phone?!" he said to himself, then he noticed the phone buried in a stack of takeaway menu's in the corner. Knowing the state he was in Frank went straight to the contacts list on the phone and rang Bob rather than trying to remember his number. Bob's mobile vibrated on the table where he had put it last night before falling asleep on the sofa, Bob was about six foot, he had Blonde hair that was probably the srongest out of all his friends, he had piercing blue eyes that created an angelic look about him.

"Hi, you've reached Bob, I am ..." "Flipping hell" Frank shouted as he continued to listen to Bob's voicemail, "Bob, it's Frank, I know it is early but Mikey rang me about Gerard and told me to get round there as soon as possible so just get round there as well when you get this, ok? See you later" Frank ranted down the phone as fast as he could, now to ring Ray he thought to himself.

Ray had walked home on his own after the party being the least intoxicated person at the party, he got home just after 2am and fell asleep in the kitchen. Ray was probably the tallest member of the group and he undoubtedly had the longest hair as well and was proud of his mighty Afro, like Gerard and Mikey he too had hazel eyes but his were a lot lighter. His phone vibrated on the kitchen worktop next to him sending the shock through his head, he looked up at the clock, realising it was only half 7 in the morning he picked up the phone to see who had disturbed him and was surprised to see it was Frank, "Hey Frank, so you managed to get upstairs alright then last night?" Ray said quietly down the phone realising he had a major hangover, "Yh Ray I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" "Well when I left last night you had fallen on the sofa thinking that you were a princess!" Ray laughed down the phone, "Really?" Frank replied going off subject, "Anyway, I rang about Gerard" "What's he gone and done now?" Ray quickly replied while looking in the kitchen cupboards for some coffee, knowing that he wouldn't get through the day without any.

"I dunno but Mikey rang me from Gerard's saying that he found him in the middle of town, he told me to get round to Gerard's as soon as I could and to call you and Bob and tell you the same thing." Frank said down the phone while trying to make himself a coffee with one hand. "Well I'll get round there a soon as I can..." "Oh yh and can you go and get Bob as well because I've rang him but it went to voicemail" "Yh that's fine I'll get ready and then go and get him, meet you at Gerard's in a bit." Ray said while reaching for the coffee at the back of the cupboard. Frank put the phone back down on the counter and looked down at his clothes he then realised he had a massive stain on his shirt from the pizza last night, he picked up his coffee and went back upstairs to change.

Mikey put the phone down on the counter just as the coffee machine's red light stopped illuminating the pitch black kitchen, the only light was of that managing to get through the heavy, thick red lounge curtains, giving the room an eerie blood red glow. The only sound in the house was that of the rain outside hitting the window and their breathing. Mikey managed to pour two cups of coffee though his hands were shaking violently. He also got out the medical kit from under the sink and walked into the lounge and sat on the sofa next to his brother.

"Gerard, are you ok?" he questioned, "What happened, where's Sam?" at the mention of Sam's name Gerard snapped out of his trance and looked straight at his brother, his eyes more piercing than usual, "She's dead, they got her, a-and I couldn't stop them..." he murmured turning away from his brother and looking back into the darkness, his head in hands silently crying, a single glistening tear running down his ghostly cheek.

Mikey placed his own cup of coffee down on the table and placed the other cup in front of Gerard, his brother looked up at the table but went back to staring at the floor. Mikey knew something was definitely wrong, as Gerard never missed out on a fresh cup of coffee, none of them did. Mikey picked back up his own coffee, he took a long drink before he finally decided to see why Gerard had been bleeding.

Mikey placed his coffee back down on the table and picked up the medical kit, "I'm gonna sort out your neck, ok?" Just as Mikey was about open the medical kit there was a tremendously loud banging at the door,
"Mikey, it's Frank, let me in it's pissin' down out here!" Frank shouted over the torrential rain now battering the window. Mikey looked at his brother who was still just sitting there, unmoving before he got up to let Frank in. Frank walked into the hallway shaking as much rain off of him as possible before he spoke,
"Mikey, why the fuck did you wake me up so early and what were you on about on the phone?" he ranted at his friend, "Just look!" Mikey exclaimed pointing towards his brother.

Frank didn't notice anything in the dark room but as his eyes adjusted to the lack of light within the house he finally noticed Gerard sat there on the sofa, "He's been like that since we got back, he was rambling over and over again all the way here, Frank I'm worried about him" he said as Frank turned back to look at him. Frank walked into the kitchen watching Mikey as he went back into the lounge to check on his brother and to get his coffee. Frank was making himself a coffee as Mikey walked back into the kitchen, "What do you think happened to him then?" Frank asked glancing over at Gerard then back to Mikey, "I dunno, I've tried talking to him but he is entranced, the only thing he has said is that Sam is dead and that 'they' got her and that he couldn't stop them." A look of shock spread across frank's face, along with everyone else he had been close to Sam, they had loads in common, to him this was a bigger shock than the state Gerard was in.

"Yh I know, that's what I was like too when he first said it" Mikey had noticed the look on Frank's face, "you don't think it's true..." Frank started but was interrupted by yet another load bang at the door. "I'll go and get it, you stay here and keep an eye on him" Mikey instructed. As he left the kitchen Frank's gaze moved to Gerard, he was still sat motionless on the sofa, constantly staring at the floor, not looking up to see what had made the noise.

Although Gerard seemed in his own world he was totally aware of what was going on around him, he could hear the muffled voices of the people within the house and the load bangs that had just brought him back to his own mind. A single blood-curdling scream rang in his ears as he suddenly remembered what he had been thinking of, Sam.

His mind flashed back to the darkness of the sky, the moonlight shining off her radiant face, the amazing warmth of her hand in his, their footsteps floating through the surrounding silence, his mind wondering deeper and deeper into the events of the previous evening, wondering deeper into his subconscious.

Even before Mikey arrived at he door he could tell who it was, not like he didn't know who it was going to be anyway. Ray's hair blocked out what little light had been managing to break through the stained glass window within the door projecting the crimson rose onto the dark wood floor of the hallway. As Mikey answered the door he was met with a scene of alcohol-induced tiredness and a pure hatred for rain. Bob still looked half asleep although obviously aware of the rain that beat against him. Ray although more awake than Bob looked dramatically more annoyed with the amount of rain that surrounded them, his hair protesting against the rain, somehow managing to stay dry despite the heavy onslaught of rain.

Mikey moved away from the door letting in his friends, letting them get away from the storm, taking off their drenched coats. "Hey guys, sorry for getting you up so early after last night..." his words were met with groans of agreement and vacant looks. "There is coffee and Red Bull in the kitchen, Frank's just made some fresh, if that is what you where gonna ask" Mikey explained looking at Bob, who he knew was just about to ask that. Both Bob and Ray mumbled something in agreement before making their way into the kitchen.

"Hey, you guys wanna coffee and Red Bull?" Frank said not looking round as they all walked into the kitchen, there silence was all that Frank needed to realise that the answer was a definite yes. Mikey moved across the kitchen to his cup, his gaze fixed upon his brother, he was still staring absently at the area of floor beneath his feet.

A/N: Hey guys, here's another little thing from my imagination, I started this last summer and only remembered it the other day so thought I would share it with all you lovely people! This is probably the longest chapter of anything that I have ever written at over 3000 words, so much for this being a short story!

I hope you guys will like where this is going and would to here what you think of it, it's totally different to what I've written before so any feedback would be appreciated and I will reply to anything that you guys write :)

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