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Shortcuts Are Never A Good Idea…

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Have you been wondering what happened? Well let us find out...

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Previous Evening

"Gee come on, we are gonna be late! I don't know why it's taking you so long to get ready! We are only going to Franki's, get your butt moving now!" Sam shouted from the bottom of the stairs. For a guy Gee does take the most time to get ready, she was ready 45 minutes ago and was now waiting on him.
"I'll be 5 minutes, just wait!!!" "You said that 15 minutes ago, if we don't go now we are gonna be late and I don't not want to piss off the birthday midget! If I come in there to find you not ready then what happens is your own fault." Making her way up the stairs she could hear him franticly rushing around his room, obviously not wanting to find out what she would do if he wasn't ready.

"There, all ready... lets go!" he said storming out his room, wrestling to get is leather jacket on while carry his present for Frank in the other hand.
"At last, so let's go before you make us even more late than we already are!" she exclaimed grabbing hold of his wrist and pulling him down the stair and out the door in no time at all.

Walking out onto the main street they where immediately swamped by children in every sort of costume that you could imagine, followed by worried parents carrying flashlights.
"Is it gonna be like this tonight at Frankie's house? I'd hate to be the kid that gets to meet a drunk Frankie!" she let out with her giggle.
"Nah, no one ever knocks on Frank's door after what happened 3 years ago. He told a group of 6 year olds to 'Fuck off and leave me to my booze!' All I can say is none of the parents in the street think too kindly of him now" Gerard recalled while walking next to Sam, they carried on talking aimlessly until Sam checked her phone.

"FUCK! Gee, Frankie is gonna kill us if we don't get there soon, we are already nearly an hour late!" Sam went into panic mode, she knew more than anyone what Frank gets like if people don't follow his plans.
"Alright Sam, just calm down. Why don't we cut through the cemetery? It'll bring us right to the end of his road and it takes about half the time instead of going round."
"Gee are you sure that that's a good idea? You never know who is gonna be in there, especially tonight!" she wondered peering through the old iron gates, looking at the cracked headstones, touching memorials and looming shadows.
"Aw Sam, what are you worried about? Is it Zombies, or even worse Vampires?! I'll protect you. I'll never let them hurt you, I promise." He said with sincerity, taking her hand and pulling her through the gates. He cared for her more than any of the other guys did; he thought that she was beautiful, funny, wonderful and deserved so much better than him. He never thought from the second he met her that she would feel the same way as he did.

"Oh Gee that was a nasty trick! You know I hate it in here, it all dark and creepy." She shivered, moving closer to him trying to hide from the dark.
"You know what I'm like, and I said I'd protect you. You know how much I love you!" Turning to face Sam he pulled her up onto her tip-toes and into the softest kiss that they had ever shared.

Her velvety lips moved with his, sharing a kiss that showed only love and devotion. She applied more pressure to the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, tangling her fingers in his hair. His arms found their way around her waist, pulling her closer to him and into their own little world.

"Aw, what a touching show" called a voice from the darkness, Gerard and Sam's lips immediately broke apart, their eyes shifting around the darkness trying to find the source of the voice, still embracing each other.
"Who is it? Come on, show yourself! Frank is that's you I am going to kick your butt." Gerard called back, trying to be brave for Sam who was clinging onto his jacket and shaking like a leaf.
"Gee, come on. Lets just go, I don't like it in here at all" Sam whispered, pulling on his hand, onto the darken pathway.

"Oh no, you can't be leaving so soon! We've only just got started, this is going to be so much fun!" the voice called again as they made their way deeper into the cemetery. Before they walked any further a male figure appeared in front of them on the path. From what little moonlight there was they both could see that this man was not to be trusted, he leant against a tree bordering the path, his gaze fixed on the couple but mainly Sam.

His skin glowed on the light, making it seem white and flawless, his thin lips were a soft pink but pale compared to anyone else. The colour of his staring eyes was hidden by the darkness, but Sam could tell that they weren't anything near natural. Short, straight blond hair framed his face, reflecting the light of the moon making it seem ghostly white.

"Please Gee, lets turn back and go the other way. I don't like the looks of that guy and something about him doesn't seem right" Sam pleaded slowly moving behind him, slightly pulling on his jacket back towards the main entrance gates.
"Yeah, I don't think it was a good idea anymore. Lets just head back out to where there are more people" Gerard agreed while turning round and lacing his fingers through hers. Before they even took one-step figure appeared before them.

"Where do you think your going? I said you can't leave!" the mysterious and terrifying male bellowed, before Sam or Gerard got a chance to reply everything around them went black.

A/N: SORRY!SORRY!SORRY!SORRY! to anyone that has read this before and has been waiting for over a month for this chapter! I've been trying to write this chapter for ages but everytime I've written anything it just didn't seem right and ended up being deleted!

SO finally here is chapter 2, I hope you guys will enjoy and if anything in it doesn't seem right just ask me about it in a review and I will be happy to explain :) I promise I will be adding more in a short while!

To any of my readers I am currently working on chapter 2 of 'One Image Tells All...', that should be up for your viewing pleasure at the weekend or the start of next week at the latest.

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