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Chapter Six

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A/N: Sorry about the delay. The play I am in is less than two weeks from opening night, and I have practice from six until eliven every night, and work all day. School is almost out, too. It's crazy busy right now, so the updates are (sadly) going to be random until the play is over. Wish me luck and here is the newest update to my diary. (Also, sorry it's so short. some diary entries are. I'll put up better updates tomorrow, K?)
Until We Meet Again

March 3

I don’t think I can do this anymore. It’s been three days since he has even talked to me. Three days… I have never gone that long not talking to any of the boys. We always slip up. That doesn’t mean we laugh and suddenly everything is fine. But at least there is normally SOMETHING. Pass the butter at least. Then the screaming can wade through the emotions and the healing can begin. I know the blah blah blah. I understand it. I like it, even. But Vengeance hasn’t spoken to me in three days. Alone, I want to break down. But every time I am within eyesight of him I am venomous, lethal even. But only to Zacky. It’s unnatural, the words that come out of my mouth when I am around him. I shouldn’t be this hostel towards him. If I caved, if I told him I was sorry, if I kicked Mikey out of my life and out of my bed, then this could all end. Zacky and I could still be friends.

But that wouldn’t get rid of Marie. That wouldn’t change the fact that we are just friends. And in his perfect world, I would remain alone. So the venom stays, the silence remains, and Mikey keeps me warm at night. It doesn’t mean I am going to like it.

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