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Chapter 10: Complex

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What do Danielle and Vergil really have together?

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Danielle covered her mouth as she watched blood spread around the pile of demon flesh. She had never seen something more vile or disgusting in her life.

But obviously Vergil had since he acted so nonchalantly around it, studying it as if it were nothing more than a speck of dust. Which just made her think about the kind of person Vergil really was. He was able to kill so easily and without a single thought to it. She knew he wasn't an evil person since he had saved her three times now, but she knew that if any dared cross him there would be blood.

Just then, Vergil turned to look in her direction. Danielle just stood there, not even trying to hide from him. Instead of running away from him like she should have the first time she met him, she walked awat from the safety of the trees and headed toward Vergil.

Vergil watched Danielle come out from behind the trees, the wind blowing her chesnut hair over her hazel eyes. He was transfixed and nothing could take his obsession away. Nor did he want it to stop. He would let this continue...

Dave growled angrily as he watched the bastard half-demon walk away with the brown-haired bitch. He was sure the demon would kill them both. Now, he had to return to his master with the report. No doubt, his master would be angry. But already, Dave had another idea.
He would get his revenge on them both whether it killed him or not.

It'd been two days since the encounter with the demon at the park and Danielle and Vergil were still continuing whatever they had between them.

Danielle sat next to him in the movie theater, knowing he was somewhat uncofortable. He had been to offer to the movies, even though he hadn't seemed actually willing to go. The movie was only 30 minutes in and he looked like he wanted to slit his own wrists instead of continue to watch this.
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