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Chapter 9: Disruption

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Interruptions can ruin things or make them better. In this case...ruin.

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Dave watched them as they kissed. He wished he were the one close to that bitch right then. But he needed to wait for his revenge. The demon said that he would try to get close to them sometime soon.

Both had seen Vergil leaving a hotel and had followed him to the park that afternoon. They had seen when the petite brunette had appeared and listened in on them making plans. That was how they knew the two of them would be there that night. Now, without either Vergil or the brunette realizing it, there would be an attack.

And all Dave had to do was sit back and watch.
Vergil had no idea what possessed him to kiss Danielle but he was glad he had followed through with the action. Danielle was as soft as she appeared. She was gentle inside and out. He felt her gentleness even through the simple kiss. He was not new to kissing or women in general, but he had never met a woman llike Danielle who actually captured his attention.

Meanwhile, Danielle was surprised at herself for allowing Vergil to kiss her. Although, lately she had been making decisions that normally weren't like her. But standing there in the dark silence of the park, all she wanted was to stay just as they were, forgetting the world around them.

She felt Vergil's hands rest on her hips and had a sudden thought. Surely, even Vergil had been with women before. He may seem cold-hearted but even he was a red-blooded male. He would want her now, but later on he'd tired of her like all of the other ones.

Even her fascination with Vergil wouldn't be able to save her from the humiliation of rejection.

Vergil felt a sudden change in Danielle even before she pulled away from him. He saw shame and remorse line her delicate face. Did she regret coming ot meet him?

"Is something wrong?" he asked, hearing the desperation in his own voice.

"I just...I'm not going to lie to myself..."

"What do you mean?"

She turned her head as if she were too ashamed to have him look at her. "I'm not good enough for you."

Not good enough? "I don't understand." When she only glanced at him then looked away, he said, "Danielle, I--"

All of a sudden, there was large thumping, almost as if something was coming towards them. Vergil turned in the direction of the sound, keeping Danielle behind him but keeping her close. His ice-blue eyes searched the trees just beyond them.

"What is it?" Danielle asked, her voice quieter than usual.

Vergil heard the fear in her voice. She had been just as afraid at the restaurant when they had encountered that demon. He had to defend her. Whether she had demon magic or not, she was still defenseless against most demons.

He replied calmly, "It's a demon. Stay close to me. When I tell you to run, run."

Her hand gripped his coat sleeve. "Will you be okay?"

He was about to say something else when he remembered that she didn't know what he was. Instead, he said, "Yes. I'll be fine."

Still, Danielle wasn't sure. She had seen him defeat the other demon but she was still somehow worried that he would be hurt. She loosened her grip on his sleeve, surprised at herself and her actions.

The loud thumping continued until the trees parted, a large demon standing in the trees, pushing them aside as if they were nothing but twigs. It had claws that dragged on the ground as it made its way toward Vergil and Danielle. Its wide pure black eyes sent shivers down Danielle's back while it stared at her as if she were a meal. Its gray wings stretched out to huge lengths before curling around the muscular dirty green body. Veins lined the demon's muscles and seemed to almost rupture.

"Well, what do we have here?" the demon growled. "A delicious snack for me? How absolutely marvelous." It sniffed the air around them then grinned, showing its yellowed fangs. "Ah...a female. How sweet. And, what's this?" It inched its bony nose closer to Vergil. "The son of Sparda?! Oh, this will be fun." It raised its claw over its head then brought it down toward them.

In a quick flash of movement, Vergil pulled out his katana and swung it in an upward slash. The demons claw stopped in mid-air before a thin line of red appeared at its wrist. Then, blood erupted from a clean cut as the claw fell to the grass.

The demon cried out in pain. It clutched its bloody stump of an arm and growled, "I'll gut you for that, bastard son of Sparda!"

Vergil summoned glass swords and sent them at the demon's face, making the swords stab the demon in the eyes then shatter, sending shards of glass into the demon's wounds. Guttural cries echoed through the park as tears of blood poured from the demon's eyes.

"Run," Vergil said to Danielle.

"What? No. I won't leave you here alone!"

He turned his gaze to her. "Danielle, go now," he remarked sternly.

Seeing and hearing the serious tone in him, Danielle nodded once then turned and ran as fast as she could. But she would not leave him alone. She hid behind two trees that were close together and kept an eye on.

Believing Danielle was safe now, Vergil focused all of his attention on the demon.

The demon looked at Vergil through streams of blood. "I will feast on the flesh from your bones!!" It charged at Vergil, its one set of claws ready to rip and tear.

Quick on his feet, Vergil sidestepped the charge attack then jumped onto the demon's back in a flash of blue and silver. He swung his katana toward the demon's neck then three more times in different directions. The demon froze in its movements before its head slide off its neck. Vergil jumped off and landed on the ground as the head hit the ground with a thud, splitting into bloody pieces of skin, brain matter and bone.

Vergil lowered his sword, making the blood slide off Yamato during the move. Slowly, he slid the sword back into its scabbard where it clicked as it joined its shelter.

He looked in the direction of where Danielle had gone. It was his luck that not only had they been interrupted but that she had also been so afraid of him and the demon. He had heard her gasp when the demon had called him the son of Sparda. She would be thinking a million things by now, but she would ultimatelly do one of two things. She would either hate him for what he was or be curious about him. Whatever she did, he would eventually have to end this...whatever they had.

His obsession with her ended today, whether he wanted it to or not.
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