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Chapter 8: Opportunity

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A second chance to fix a first impression.

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A week had passed since Danielle had last seen Vergil. It was difficult to focus on the children when all she could think of was his ice blue eyes.

As she walked to her apartment, she kept remembering how he had said that it was possible that they might see each other again. She couldn't help but hope they really would see each other again. He had been haunting every dream she'd had in the past week with his cerulean eyes and sterling white hair.

Danielle stopped at a street corner and waited for the "walk" signal to appear. The afternoon sun shined brightly in her eyes, causing her to close them for a bit. But when she closed them, she saw Vergil in his dark blue trench coat.

I need a life, she thought with a sigh.

Opening her eyes, she glanced at the streetlamp and saw white lights flash the word "walk" on a small monitor. She looked at the street she was crossing to which was the park. She loved to go to the park after getting her after-school coffee and just sit in the serene environment for a good half hour before she did her tutoring. She always sat on a bench that was at the highest point of the large hill half of the park had been set on.

Though, when she was walking up to the bench, she saw Vergil sitting on the far end of the metal bench, looking out at the landscape in front of him.

At the sound of high heels on asphalt, Vergil looked up the walkway and saw Danielle walking up to him, dressed in a long emerald green flared skirt and a light green vee-neck shirt. She seemed even more gorgeous than the last time he'd seen her.

Wait, had he just thought her to be gorgeous?

Danielle sat down next to him and set her brown leather bag on the ground next to her feet. She didn't say anything as her gaze was fixed on the scenery in front of them while she sipped her coffee.

Unsure why she was being silent, Vergil said, "Do you often come here?"

"Yes," she replied softly.

"Every day?"


He didn't say anything else, but kept studying her. She really was attractive in a conservative and graceful way.

"Would you be willing to have another date with me?" Vergil blurted out.

Danielle's hazel eyes immediately turned to him. "Would you want to?"

"Actually, yes."

Her expression turned to that of shock. "Um, well...all right. Where should we meet? I mean... we can't go back to that restaurant."

"We will meet here tonight, after sunset. It will be casual and informal."

"Oh, ok then."

Vergil watched as she turned away from him and brushed a strand of hair away from her face ina nervous gesture. He looked at her hands, noticing how dainty and gentle they were. They were the hands of a gentle woman, hands that were meant to do nothing more than accept and care for.

This woman had been haunting him since he had first laid eyes on her and he would find out who she is exactly, even if there were consenquences.
Danielle stood in front of the bench, staring out at the horizon as she watched the fiery sun set below the line where the sky and the earth met setting the clouds aflame. She couldn't help but close her eyes, letting the sun warm her body.

Vergil looked on silently from a few feet away. There was something about her that captivated him like nothing else. The only people who had that same power over him had been his parents; his father because of his legendary abilities and his mother because she was a remarkable woman.

Once the area around them grew dark, Danielle opened her eyes and turned her head to him. Then, without a word, she smiled.

Mesmerized by her smile, Vergil walked the few steps to her and stood before her, looking down at her due to the large height difference. He took her hand, feeling her soft, warm flesh through his fingerless leather gloves.

As Danielle stared into his ice blue eyes, she noticed that his presence had changed. It still felt powerful and intimidating but it included something else. Neither of them realized they were getting closer until they felt each other's breaths on their faces. Danielle's heart began to beat faster as she realized what his intentions were.

"Vergil?" she asked, unsure.

"Can I?" he answered back, understanding what she was asking about.

Still unsure, she nodded.

Vergil leaned his head down and softly brushed his lips against hers before kissing her deeply.
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