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Chapter 7: Sleepless Battles

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A night of insomnia.

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After Vergil had left, Danielle went up to her apartment, only to realize just how silent it was when she turned on the lights. She showered, dressed for bed then turned the lights off before getting in her bed.

As she lay under the covers, staring up at the ceiling, she had never felt more alone. Of course, she could always call her mother and brother, but her mother was most likely asleep while her brother had his own wife and children to care for. Then again, there was always Amanda, but she probably was spending the night with Henry and God knew Danielle did not want to "interrupt" anything...again.

Sighing, she turned to lie on her left side, facing the only window in her room. The window exposed a gorgeous view of the city even though most parts of it were not as glamorous as they appeared from far away.

She focused on making her thoughts drift away then closed her eyes. The last thing she saw before she floated away into a dreamless slumber was the face of the elusive and covert Vergil.

The hotel room was as empty as Vergil was hollow.

He walked into the room of the latest hotel he was staying at. After setting his sword on the bed, he took his trench coat off and placed it beside his sword. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the water for the shower. Looking at himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but realize that his eyes looked more vacant than usual. He excused it for the lack of sleep he was getting lately.

But that's not it, is it?

Vergil scoffed at his reflection and undressed then stepped into the shower. When he got out, he went to the bed and laid down under the covers just beside his coat and sword. Because he hadn't bothered to turn on any of the lights in the room, the room was still in complete silence, the only sounds coming from his low breathing and the nighttime noises from the city.

As he lay staring up at the ceiling, his thoughts somehow went back to Danielle and how she looked as she had smiled at him.

"Damn," Vergil muttered before he turned to look out the window.

That woman was a mystery to him even if he did know much about her already. She was somehow in some way important, he could feel it. But he just wasn't sure how yet.

She would be the death of him.
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