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Dinning out

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A Tekken/Dragon ball Z crossover. Does not follow the Tekken 6 story. The Z-fighters enter the King of iron fist only to discover that there are people who's strength rivel there own.

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I don't own Tekken or dragon ball Z
Rated M for Language
Dining out

The full moon was out in the middle of the sky however that did not stop young Kazuya Mishima from venturing out to the grand cliff that loomed over the town, he needed to find strength and this was the perfect place to train, plus getting away from his father was a bonus.
Wild cats ran around making perfect training partners, As the five year old boy walked he found a trail of blood

"What on earth" Curiosity got the better of Kazuya and he decided to check it out.

Within twenty seconds the narrow trail of blood ended and something else caught Kazuya's interest, a young, beautiful girl was sitting at the edge of the cliff crying.
Kazuya ran towards the girl to find out just what was wrong with her, as Kazuya got close he saw that she was holding a baby rabbit

"Why are you crying" Kazuya asked in a compassionate voice

The girl wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand, "A wild cat got the mother rabbit, now the baby is going to die"

"Don't cry if you want I can kill the wild cat for you. I'm training to be a great fighter so this will be a piece of cake"

"No, revenge doesn't solve anything. No more blood should be spilled"

Suddenly a figure jumped out at the girl; however Kazuya punched it away before it got close to the girl.
The wild cat fell to the ground and when it got up it ran the way that it came

"Thank you" The girl said

"Don't worry, while I'm here nothing bad will happen to either of you"

The girl smiled, "My name's Jun what's yours?"


"Will isn't this cute, the stupid little boy has found himself a stupid little girl friend" A deep ominous voice sounded as a hand grabbed Kazuya by the shirt

"Father!" Kazuya cried in surprise

"What did you call me, and why are you still warring this idiotic pendent. Here we'll get rid of it" Heihachi ripped off a pendent that was hanging around Kazuya's neck

"No please, that's all I have to remember mother by" Kazuya pleaded

"So what, that bitch got what she deserved so why remember her" Heihachi threw the pendent over the edge of the cliff

"No!" Kazuya cried

"Now, we shall see if you are worthy to be my son, if you can climb up this cliff then you may call me father, if not then obviously you will die" Heihachi laughed

"Y-you can't be serious" Kazuya stated mortified

"Stop!" Jun cried

"Are you still here? Piss off bitch" Heihachi said before kicking Jun against the tree

"Jun!" Kazuya called out

"Let us begin!" Heihachi said as he threw his only child off the cliff leaving only the sound of Kazuya's screams and Jun's cries left

"I-I don't want die" Kazuya thought as Heihachi grew smaller, "I'm gonna die, I don't want to die, somebody, anybody. Help me! I'll do anything" Suddenly time stopped and Kazuya could here laughter

"So you will do anything will you, would you give anything as will"

"Yes, w-who are you"

"You would know me as the Devil, thrown from the heavens and cursed to live in hell. I require something from you as you do from me"

"Please, save me and anything is yours, even my soul"

"Your soul is mine even if I let you die. What I need is a body I can use as a vessel, give me that and you may live to see another day"

"I accept, just don't let me Die!"

Suddenly time started up again and a power came over Kazuya that he had never felt before, his body began to change and his eyes turned red, then he blacked out

Forty-five years later

Goku and his friends had gone to the only restaurant that was open to celebrate a successful result in the world martial arts tournament.
Goku and Vegeta had made it to the finals, there typhoon of rivalry speeding the intensity of there match like throwing petrol on to an open flame, but in the end Goku won.

Meanwhile in the kitchen of that same restaurant sat Martial Law.
He was depressed after failing miserably in the king of iron fist tournament 5, if Law did not get another one hundred thousand zeni within 24 hours he would have to declare bankruptcy

At this very moment, Paul Phoenix was ridding a bicycle, carrying the parts of his motor cycle, broken through joy ridding by Martial Law's son, Forest law.
Dew to the tremendous weight being put on the pink little girls bicycle, it collapsed dropping Paul onto his head, luckily his large hair softened his fall

"Ouch!" Paul cried standing on his feet walking in to the half empty restaurant

"Hay, Martial!" Paul yelled

"Yes how can I... ahh Paul" Law let out a girlish scream "if this is about the money"

"Relax I'm not here to collect the money... yet. I'm just here to eat, plus I broke my bike"

Law felt a wave of relief within his body as he saw Paul sit down looking at a menu.

Paul looked from his menu to the next table where he saw a man pushing food into his mouth faster than Law could punch.
On the other end of the table he saw another man with black hair like the other, however this guy was irritated and clearly did not want to be there, he reminded him of Kazuya, Paul's rival before Kuma

"Kakarot, haven't you stuffed your face enough!"

"Kakarot, what kind of retarded name is that"

Paul returned his attention back to his menu, finally deciding what to order.

A waiter took Paul's order and his menu leaving him with nothing to do but to watch a small television on the wall reviling a Mexican wrestling match where King was being pummelled on the ground slowly crawling to the edge of the ring and slapping hands with his partner, Craig Marduk, Marduk jumped over the wires and threw his opponent to the other side of the ring. The masked fighter got to his feet and ran at Marduk who grabbed him, turned him upside down and jumped as high as the ceiling, as he came down he slammed his opponents head into the floor knocking him out, Marduk won the match

"King and Craig Marduk win!" the referee shouted

"Not bad, I guess" Paul thought to himself

"I said no" Paul heard a voice behind him say, he turned around and saw what looked like some kind of street gang surrounding a young lady

"No one says no to the boss!" one of the gang members shouted

"Well by the sounds of things she just did" Paul said standing up to interfere, "This could entertain me for a couple of minuets"

"And just who the fuck are you?" a gang member asked or rather spat

"Never mind this boy scout" the gang boss stated "listen you can ever put out willingly or we can take it by force"

"neither, I choice no" the girl said drawing attention to herself"

"What was that bitch?"

"No, or did you drop out of school before you learnt what that word meant"

"What is that supposed to mean"

"It means I think you are a dumbass"

"Fuck you whore!" the gang boss shouted throwing a clenched fist at the girls head only for it to be grabbed and used to throw the man across the room by Law

"About time Law" Paul impatiently said

"Boss!" one of the gang member shouted shocked

"Kill them both and take her by force!" the boss yelled angrily

"Ha good luck with that punks" Paul said arrogantly rubbing his nose with his left index finger

"Don't you dicks know who we are; we are the bikers of terror. And this is Daniel, the toughest gangster on the streets" a gang member said pointing to his boss who seemed to be proud

"Oh I am shaking in terror, hay Law you better watch out for these guys because there gangster" Paul said mockingly

"Man, fuck you" two gangsters jumped at Paul and Law only to be knocked into the wall soon followed by there pathetic excuses for comrades

"Ha, is that your best. Honestly, did you think you could beat me, I'm number one?" Paul yelled and didn't notice Daniel pointing a hand gun and firing. However it was held sideways decreasing its accuracy leading to the bullet missing Paul who was jumping around like a lunatic. A fist suddenly came crashing through Daniel's back launching him out the window. Paul looked to see where the shot came from and saw the girl that was being harassed was the owner of the powerful punch

"That's quite the left hook you have, what's your name and where did you learn to punch like that?" Paul asked

"My name is Jay Neartsu from Japan I use a form of karate passed down my family for generations"

"Japan? What are you doing in America?"

"I came to watch my brother compete in the world martial arts tournament. But he was rushed to the hospital after he fought Noel Septa"

"Noel... Septa"

"The Neartsu and Septa family's are of rival martial arts schools, like yours and the crane School Roche" speaking to the old man leaning on his chair to get closer

"I wasn't eaves dropping I was just ahh..."

"Trying to look down my top, I know" Master Roche fell off his chair when his plan was discovered however their tables were next to each other so he fell on Jay pushing her down and placing his face firmly on her chest

"I see you aren't moving" Jay mentioned after a few seconds of silence in the restaurant. Law and Paul pulled the old man up who was grinning with a giant smile on his red face, his glasses were crocked

"Sorry about that" Krilen apologised

"My father acts the same way. Well not towards me, unless he has had a few drinks" Jay said before looking at the clock "I should get back to my brother" Jay said leaving

Law was examining the damage to the restaurant and estimated it will cost about 5000 Zeni to repair it all, "Perfect.

"Hay Law you should see this" Paul called

"What is it?"

"That group paid and look"

Law saw a brief case with what must have been five hundred thousand Zeni

Back in Japan Goku and his friends had returned home, Chi-chi saw three envelops on the Porch each labelled

King of iron fist
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