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Chi-Chi worrys about the invertations that arive on her door step titled King of iron fist

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I don't own Tekken or dragon ball Z

Chi-chi mused over the mysterious letters into the early morning until her second born son of the age of fifteen came into the room

"Mum, what are those?" Goten asked rubbing sleep out of his eye

"This one is for you" Chi chi said handing him one of the envelopes "These two are for your brother and father". Goten opened his envelope and saw a letter which he read

Dear Mr Goten
Your abilities have been recognised as a worthy martial artist.
Therefore you have been nominated to take part in the
King of iron fist tournament 6.
An invitation has been enclosed with this letter allowing access
To the preliminary rounds of the tournament. A boat will be leaving
For the Mishima island from north, west, east, south and Hercle city
On June the 23rd we hope to see you at the competition
Your sincerely
Heihachi Mishima

Goten looked in the envelope and saw a ticket, suddenly he looked back onto the letter "23rd that's tomorrow" Goten thought to himself until he hared Vedil come down the hallway

"Good morning" Vedil greeted

Goten looked up, "Hay Vedil, what do you know about king of iron fist?"

"King of iron fist?" Vedil repeated getting a book from her luggage "I think some of my dad's stuff got mixed with my luggage" Vedil put the book on the desk opening it revealing it was a photo album

"Where did your father get this?"

"When I was little, a man came to the house, said he was from something called G-corporation, he needed funding. In exchange dad got information like this; he used to be into all this conspiracy stuff"

Goten looked at the first photo and blinked not sure if what he saw was correct but it was, the photo showed a man throwing a boy off a cliff.

"This one is of the king of iron fist, Heihachi against his son, Kazuya" Vedil said pointing to a photo of two men fighting then moving to the next photo "the second tournament, the same match up but at the end Kazuya was thrown into a volcano"

"He threw his own son into a volcano, he should win the father of the year award" Goten said sarcastically

"The shocking part is he is still alive"


"It may have something to do with this" Vedil pointed at a faint, out of focus picture of something flying

"What the hell is that thing?"

"I don't know but if your thinking of entering I would start training, because you may have to fight it"

Goten gulped and got up to begin his training

"Goten. Your not considering fighting still are you?" Chi-chi asked

"Yeah, I am"
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