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The mystery girl

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Rated M for language
The mystery girl

Jin Kazama arrived at the mysterious temple which he was led to believe what he was searching for was located; however all he found was a platoon of gun jacks.
Undisguised, heavily armed androids which meant only one thing.
G-corporation had sold him out.

"Suspect 11 in sight" one of the Jacks stated

"Intercept with extreme caution"

Jin got into his battle stance. Two of the Jack's charged at him while the other six held out their hands which turned into mini guns and started to open fire. Jin dogged the gun fire and kicked one of the jacks in the head with such force that its head came off, he then threw his fist into one of their torsos smashing it. Jin then smashed his hand half way through one of their torso and used the jack to smash all the other androids.

"I have wasted enough time" Jin stated

Hworang stopped his motor cycle and looked in awe at the enormous temple

"Impressive isn't it"

Hworang heard a voice come from behind him and saw a young lady with blonde hair in a pony tail.
She had big blue eyes and she wore a mini skirt and a black jacket with a broken top button revealing a red bra.
Her skin was pale, clean and looked soft.
Her appearance is what those who only want a woman for her body so they can ravage her body again and again and again would call sexy.

Hworang moved his eyes up and down her body before finally asking

"Who are you?"

"Lela, Lela Septa"

"Lela, what do you want?"

"Who knows, maybe I want to fight you, or maybe just met you, I've been following you for some time now"

Lela took up the snake fighting stance and threw her finger tips at Hworang who dogged them and brought his heel down on her head forcing her down on her knees

"Not bad Lela"

"You're not to bad yourself sweat heart"

"S-sweat heart!"

Lela saw an opening in Hworang's defence and used it to use her serpent crypt attack; Lela pummelled his abdomen with her finger tips quickly and continuously

"I have fought a lot of men like you but they have not been any where as hot as you"

"You shouldn't flirt with your opponent. It's hard to keep your defence up!" Hworang used a leg sweep to trip Lela up and then gathered his spiritual energy in his leg to slam it into Lela, however she dogged it and got up

"You know, I could ask you the same question"

"I am after my rival"

Lela lowered her defence and smiled

"I give up"

"What!?" Hworang shouted surprised

"And this is your prize, ready. Me, call it a date if you want"

"A date, what's with this girl" Suddenly Something caught Hworang's eye "Jin Kazama, found you" Hworang thought to himself proudly.
"Kazama! Get ready to fight"

"Hworang, what is he doing here" Jin thought to himself "Sorry, I don't have time for this" Jin slowly started to walk away

"Damn you!" Hworang got on his bike and drove towards Jin however he drove over a rock and fell off but the bike was still going at fall speed towards Jin. The bike hit Jin and exploded, soon flames engulfed the area

"Holy shit I didn't mean to kill him!" Hworang shouted. Suddenly, wings spread the flames away.
Jin Kazama had turned into a winged beast "I don't have time for this, fool" with that, Jin flew away

"Hworang, its time for me to go to"

"What already"

"Don't worry; we will see each other again soon"

"S-see each other again"

"At the tournament"

"Oh right, that's what you meant" Hworang said

"Not necessarily" Lela leaned forward and kissed Hworang on the forehead, and then she left, leaving Hworang behind.
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