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The King of iron fist is about to start and Goku and co must train

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I own nothing there for I am nothing

Goten had been training with his father and niece for several hours

"Goten your left punch is still weak"

"Right dad, who about this"


"Hay Pan, work on your uppercut

"Right uncle"

Gohan arrived home and saw his invitation for the first time, and it worried him.
Gohan hadn't trained for five years and know he was supposed to fight in some kind of tournament

"I guess I should start training"

Gohan got changed out of his suit and into his training clothing and took off his glasses and put them on the desk

In west city at the capsule crop building Vegeta and trunks were training in a special room that increased the gravity

"Came on Trunks, if you keep this up we will both be eliminated in the preliminary round's"


"You know, I don't think this training programme will help" Bolma's voice came through the intercom, Vegeta turned the gravity generator off and Bolma walked in

"How do you mean" Trunks asked

"I looked up information about previous entrees"


"They're strong, really strong, and maybe as strong as you"

"Humph, I doubt they can beat a Sayin" Vegeta said arrogantly

"Don't be to over confident, I saw one maybe as strong as Goku, I think his name was Kazua no actually I think it was Kazuya"

"Then we well have to train harder then wont we"

When Bolma left Vegeta pushed some buttons and a box read 1000 times earths gravity.

On the next day Goku and his family headed to west city where they saw some familiar faces

"Hay Martial look"

"Would you look at this, good morning? Goku saw the two men from the restaurant

"More familiar faces then I expected" Paul said

"Familiar faces, like what?" Goten Asked

"Well you guys for one, and over there is Hworang from Korea, and there's Jin from Japan and there is Steve and king and Marduk, and you remember Jay"

Suddenly someone came flying past and fell to the ground

"Owwwwe, Asuka must be near by"

"All bound for the Mishima Island please have your tickets ready" A man with a megaphone called out and everybody started to shuffle forward to board the ship.

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