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The boat ride

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The fighters are on there way!!!

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I don't own Tekken or dragon ball Z
Rated M for language
The boat ride
Aboard the boat there must have been at least one hundred fighters.
Law and Paul were talking to Goku, thanking him for all the profit he got from the meal.
Because of it Law was able to pay back Paul and a loan shark which he got money from to reopen his restaurant so he could make the rest of the money he needed by him self.
Goten saw a large number of armed guards in front of each door guarding what must have been off limits

"Hay there" Goten looked behind him to see a brown hared girl wearing a blue under shirt and cardigan

"Ah hi, what is it"

"Paul and Marshall are busy and I can't find Steve any where, so I thought I could talk to you"

"Who are they?"

"You were talking to them"

Goten tried to remember "Hay Marshall Look" "Oh yeah, I remember know"

"I'm Asuka, who are you?"


"Goten, nice to meet...?" Asuka suddenly stopped talking when she spotted something behind Goten

"What is it?" Goten asked

"Something about that guy seems familiar. His face, his eyes" Goten looked at the man with black, pointed hair who was standing at the door, attempting to open it but to his dismay it appeared to be locked

"Excuse me sir, Please stay in the main room" A guard scolded Jin as he attempted to open the locked door

"Damn it, I need to find it" Jin thought to himself

"You sold me out Able!" Jin Hollered at the scientist with a cacophony that filled the enormous lab that had no one in except for the two

"Oh may, did you loss control again, what a shame" Dr Able said half mockingly

"Fuck up old man, or I will rip you to shreds" Jin said with Devil trying to take over

"Now now, that wont be very good, the Jacks will hear and you will have to fight your way through thousands, this is after all G-corporation HQ"

Jin managed to get control over Devil "Please, help me, help me get rid of this curse I'm begging you" Jin fell to his knees

"King of iron fist 6"


"You are invited are you not? There you will find what you seek"

"Jin, there you are" Hworang whispered to himself as he approached his rival, they were less then a meter away from each other but then

"Found you!" Lela jumped in between Jin and Hworang "I've been looking for you"

"What for?"

"Dance with me"

"What?! I don't know how to dance"

"Look" Lela pointed to the room that was laid out so people could dance and were dancing except Law and Paul who where drunk and looked like they were doing a hoedown, there was even an orchestra.
"How hard could it possibly be" Lela stated

Jin had managed to sneak off to a balcony while Hworang was distracted

"Not enough room to fight on a balcony, I might as well"

Jin was looking at the ocean as the island drew ever closer from the night sky, then he heard someone come close to him, Jin turned around to see a girl with hair too bright to be black but too dark to be any thing else, it was tied up in a Japanese old fashion with two tiny chop sticks sticking out

"I like to watch the ocean" She said

"So do I"

"My name is Jay Neartsu, how about you"

"Jin Kazama! Will I'll be damned, I was wandering when I would see my godson again"

"Lei? Cant he go and grate someone else" Jin looked into the horizon and saw the island "we should get ready"

"When do you think we will be staying?" Jay asked

"Staying, no the preliminaries are straight away, I hope you had a big breakfast because you're going to need it" Lei informed Jay

When every one got off the boat they were gathered around a podium.
A muscular old man with half his hair sticking out diagonally left and half sticking out diagonally right walked up on to the podium

"Lady's and gentlemen, welcome to the king of iron fist tournament 6"

"Yay" a drunken Paul cheered

"I hope you are all ready to compete for ten million Zeni and the Mishima Zibutsu. Now there are a few changes so listen up, this tournament will be a round robin instead of a knock out" A large number of people started whispering amongst them selves but Heihachi just continued overtop of there voices "The fighter with the most wins will get the chance to fight against me, if they win they get the prize. If there is a draw in a match, no one gets a point. At the end if two or more people have the same number of points, those fighters will enter a knock out tournament. If you win a spot in the Tournament you may invite up to three guests keep in mind your rooms will have two single and a double bed. Now without further a due let the Preliminary rounds begin"
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