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The preliminarys

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So the preliminerys have began

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Rated M for Violence
The Preliminary rounds

"Now without further a due let the preliminary rounds begin"

The crowed cheered and turned to a large screen which was randomly picking fighters and showed

Kazuya V.S Gunrou

A sumo wrestler stepped in the ring, as did a muscular man with a similar appearance that of Jin.

"Begin!" shouted an announcer

Gunrou Attempted to push Kazuya who dropped down and punched the fat bastard so hard that it launched him into the air.
As Gunrou came down Kazuya punched him in the head and forced him into the cage wall.

"Kazuya Mishima is..."

"I'm not done yet!" Kazuya shouted walking over to Gunrou.

When he got to him he crushed Gunrou's head with his fist, as blood dripped through the cage a few screams came from the crowd

"K-kazuya Mishima is the winner"

The screen activated again reviling

Ling Xiaoyu V.S Bourse

The two competitors stepped in to the ring


"Hay little lady how about throwing the match"

"No way"

"All right, don't say I did not warn you" Bourse said getting into the jet kwon do stance.

He attacked however Xiaoyu got out of the way and struck him in the abdomen, she then kicked him into the wall and struck him continuously into unconsciousness

"Ling Xiaoyu is the winner"

The next fighter's were Raven and Jin

"I'm not going to be stopped here" Jin said


Raven jumped at Jin and kicked him in the head, he then attempted to stamp on Jin, who grabbed Raven's foot and twisted it. Raven screamed in pain, Jin then struck Raven with all his strength and then used one of his combos, striking him ten times

"Jin Kazama is the winner"

"Sorry, I can't lose while I have this curse"

A few fights passed.
Hworang bet his master beak, Lela bet a judo champion, Lei bet Julia, Asuka bet her rival Lilli, Goten bet a boxer called Sci, Gohan bet Bob, Jay got revenge for her brother by beating Lela's uncle, Noel Septa, Goku bet a ninja named Troy, Paul drunkenly bet a kick boxer named Gary and Law did the same with a man who used judo, Trunks Bet Feng, Steve bet a boxer called Bill and Vageta bet a wrestler named john.

"Finally, that took for ever" Hworang complained

"Did you see me, was I good, Hworang?" Lela asked exited

"Ahh yeah, you were all right"

"Yeah!" Lela happily shouted

"Looks like we all made it" Gohan said

"Attention everyone!" Heihachi called "Congratulations to those who passed through the preliminaries, you have all been placed in hotels during your stay at this island, good night and we hope to see you ready to fight in round one of the King of iron fist tournament 6 tomorrow, 10 AM sharp!"
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