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Vegeta vs Kazuya

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Vegeta and Kazuya face off, who will win?

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z
Vegeta V.S Kazuya

The next day the fighters gathered around to see where they were listed.
Vegeta saw that he was first to fight, his opponent was Kazuya Mishima, Vegeta remembered his opponent's first preliminary match

"I'm not done yet!"

"A killer aye, perhaps he would like to know how it feels to die" Vegeta smirked

"Vegeta, which one of you is Vegeta"

"Over here!"

"Come with me, I'll take you to the arena

Vegeta and Kazuya stood in the meadow, surrounded by spectators

"Pathetic, you are my opponent!" Vegeta said arrogantly

"Arrogant Bastard, I'm goanna saver your slaughter"


"Since you're so weak, I will give you a free shot" Vegeta said

Kazuya struck Vegeta in the gut, he then done several simultaneous strikes ending it with an electric upper cut to the jaw.
This attack disorientated Vegeta but he withstood it, just.
Kazuya started spinning closer and closer to Vegeta covering himself with electricity, he struck the lightheaded Vegeta in the chin, shooting him in the air and sending him five meters away

"Ten...Nine...Eight...Seven...Six...Five...Four...Three...Two...One... Kazuya Mishima is the winner"

The crowd out side the cage cheered as Marduk pummelled Jay

"Just give up girly" Marduk arrogantly said

"No I need to fight for my brother" Jay stated as she struggled to get up but she was punched in the stomach and fell to her knees

"Fine, don't say I didn't warn you" Marduk forced his foot down on Jay's hand

Jay suddenly grimaced in extreme pain

Kazuya picked Vegeta up by the throat

"I told you I was going to kill you didn't I"

"That's enough!" Goku yelled accompanied with Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Paul, Law, Steve and Asuka

"Kazuya, we met again" Paul said cracking his knuckles

"Do I know you?" Kazuya asked tossing Vegeta aside

"What, you don't even remember me!?"

"No not really"

"Then remember this!" Paul charged at Kazuya only to be smacked aside by his arm


"Well, I do have a bitch of a hang over" Paul rubbed his head as he got up

"Now where was I" Kazuya threw his fist at Vegeta's head, a hand suddenly grabbed kazuya's throwing it out of range of Vegeta's head

"Who the hell..." Kazuya caught a glimpse of Jin "So you've come".
Kazuya punched Jin in the gut which made him bend over, Kazuya then kneed him in the head and punched him but Jin blocked this attack and left hooked Kazuya across the Meadow

"I really don't have time for this, I will have to kill you all later" Kazuya Jumped into a ravine bellow

"Who was that?" Asuka asked herself out loud

"My father" Jin told her

"And what dose that make you?"

"Jin Kazama"

"Kazama!?" That's my last name" Asuka shouted in surprise

"What? My mother was Jun Kazama, any relation"

"Jun was my antae's name"

"Well what do you know, cousins" Law stated

"Lei? What are you doing here?" Jin asked

"Jin come with me. Quickly!"

The group rushed into the hospital ward were they saw Jay.
She was connected to a machine, her hair was down, her right arm was in a sling and she was covered in broses

"She asked for you, Jin" Lei informed

"Jay what happened"

"It was Marduk, she just kept getting up, she needed to win" Lei informed them further


"Her brother, he needs the Mishima's technology"

"Trust a Neartsu to fuck there life up for something as trivia as that" Jin looked over and saw Hworang and Lela

"Guys, could I get some time alone?" Jay asked who was fully conscious and hared the entire confiscation

"Sure thing" Lei said signalling for the others to follow him



"Stay, Please?" Jay asked half pleadingly

"Okay" Jin sat on the bed

"I can't fight in the tournament any more; they disqualified me because of my arm. It's not just broken, it's shattered; they said I won't be able to fight with it again".
Jin saw a tear roll down Jay's soft cheek "without the Zibutsu's technology soon, my brother will never be able to walk again"

"Don't worry Jay I won't let any thing happen to your brother I'll win and get the technology" Jin comforted her.

Jay looked up with her watery eye and jumped, wrapping her arms around him and started crying.
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