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Unnatural strength

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Gohan vs Brian

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Unnatural strength

The next fight was between Gohan and Bryan.
Because he was third, Gohan didn't have much time to prepare himself for the fight which led to him losing confidence.

Gohan stood on the road waiting for his opponent to show up, Bryan arrived three minuets before he was disqualified.

"You are my opponent, this is disappointing" Bryan said


Gohan charged at Bryan, when he got close Bryan punched Gohan in the gut.
It was only a light jab but it was enough to send Gohan ten meters away.

"What the?" Gohan asked

"Ha, even a light tap from this hand can smash a wall to pieces" Bryan laughed menacingly.

Spectators all around the island were cheering and shouting at the large view screens

"Gohan is in some deep shit if he can't get past those mechanical fists of Bryan's" Paul said watching the screen

"Bullocks! If he gets he hit on his generator this fight is over" Steve replied

"Yeah but it will be hard getting through Brian's defence" Law interjected

"Kah-me-ha-me-ha!" Gohan launched a blue energy wave at Bryan who just changed its course with the back of his hand

"This is bad, he deflects my Ki attacks and I'm at a disadvantage with melee based attacks" Gohan thought to himself

Bryan came at Gohan by kicking him into the air, he followed by pummelling him with his powerful fists, ending by kicking him to the ground

"" Gohan forced himself up

"So you want more eh" Bryan jumped into the air ready to crush Gohan who moved out of the way.
Bryan created a crater in the road with his fist, Gohan then used a round house kick to knock Bryan to the ground

"Ten..." Bryan quickly got up

"Bastard, I'll kill you for that" Brian threatened Gohan"

"Brian unleashed a combo with at least ten hits on Gohan knocking him to the ground

"" Gohan got up slowly

"This guy is tough, were did he get this strength"

Brian laughed again "You're going to lose, do you know why" Gohan looked at Brian "I have a generator more powerful then any thing you can throw at me"

"Sorry to say but I haven't been fighting at full strength"


A large shock wave of golden energy surrounded Gohan, his hair turned yellow and his eyes turned blue.

The cheering was loud enough to be heard from the high levels of the hospital.
Jin felt Devil erupt in a typhoon of rage at the sight of the golden fighter on the television

"Jin what just happened" Jay asked in astonishment

"I don't know" Jin replied trying to keep control of the devil

"Jin what's wrong"

"No, its nothing" Jin comforted her returning attention to the TV watching Gohan and Bryan exchange punches for ten minutes

"You just don't die do you" Brian said exhaustedly

"Sorry to disappoint you"

"Don't worry you wont live long enough to regret it"

Gohan and Bryan charged at each other with incredible speed, before any one knew what happened they were on opposite sides as they started.
Bryan suddenly let out a loud scream as his generator exploded and he was engulfed by the flames it created.

"Gohan is the winner"

"I didn't want to have to kill him but he gave me no choice" Gohan said before punching the ground in frustration making a crater.

"Damn it!"
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