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A hearts fight

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Hworang vs Lela Goten vs Asuka

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Rated M for language
Clashing harts

The remaining matches went much more smoothly then the last three.
Only two fights remained the next fight was between Goten and Asuka and after that Hworang and Lela.

Goten was taken to his arena where he saw Asuka already standing there ready to fight.

"Alright this is going to be fun" Asuka said warming up


Goten started by using a simple 5 punch combo which Asuka blocked and answered back with a high kick, however Goten jumped back and launched a Ki blast.
Asuka managed to defend herself against most of the attack but was still hurt by it.

"You're a pretty tough fighter" Asuka said

Asuka span on her foot two times before striking him with her foot sending him to the other side of the arena.

"That's a pretty powerful kick; still it would be better if she could control her spiritual energy a bit better"

"Come on get up, I want to have fun with you" Asuka whined

Goten got up and flew into the air

"Hay, come back here!"

Goten launched several Ki blasts at Asuka who rolled out of the way

"Hay, that's not fair"

"Maybe not but I'm not goanna be kicked around again"

"You can't just run off because you get your ass kicked once or twice"

"I'm not running, I just need some time to recover"

Goten stayed in the air for another few seconds before flying towards Asuka punching her and hitting her to the air.
He followed her and quickly struck her continuously and punched her to the ground, soon after he slammed his foot on her

"Ahh!" Goten hared Asuka scream out in pain

" is the winner"

The next fight was between Hworang and Lela, it was to be the last Match of the first round.

Both fighters gathered on the street, the light of the moon shined bright.

"Hey Hworang"


"Don't be genital" Lela said taking of her jacket and throwing it to the side so all she was warring was a mini skirt and a bra.


Hworang created a barrier of kicks preventing Lela from getting close enough to attack him. Lela slid under his leg, tripping him up so he would fall on top of her.
Lela then rolled over so she would be on top, her legs spread apart like some common whore

"What do you think of me?" Lela asked

"Fuck, I'm not going to lose like this" Hworang thought fighting to get on top, when he got on top he lost grip and his face fell to hers and their lips were in locked.
Hworang quickly jumped off

"Ahh I was enjoying that" Lela laughed

"Her fighting style, she uses her body to distract her enemy"

Hworang ran at Lela who grabbed him and fell on her back, she then wrapped her arms around Hworang

"What's she doing, she's going to lose she"

"Did you see me, was I good, Hworang... Who knows, maybe I want to fight you, or maybe just met you... call it a date if you want"

"You don't care do you?" Hworang asked

"Hworang ahh wins"

"This is what I wanted, if there was a chance I had to at least try. I guess that makes me pretty stupid"

"No, I'm the stupid one for not seeing it" Hworang replied as he got off Lela

Lela got up, "I've wanted to ask you this for a while"


"Do you. Want me to be your girl friend" Lela asked quickly

"A girl friend, sure if you want"

The crowd was cheering except for Jin

"Something is not right"

"How do you mean?" Steve asked

"I feel Devil is active as though... Father!"

"Kazuya is up to something?" Paul assumed

"Yeah, near the coast, I'm going to see him, I need to talk to him, also I feel someone familiar somewhere near him"

"Where coming with you" Gohan stated.

Along with his friends Jin headed for the coast, his Father and possibly his death.
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