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G corperations hidden secret

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Kazuya investigates a strange building on the outskirts of Mishima island but what he finds is more then he can swallow

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z
Rated M for violence. Language
G-corporations hidden secret

Sorry for the delay for this chapter. I have had some writer blocks to get over. I hope you enjoy this chapter, it is based solely to Kazuya

Kazuya arrived on a small island of the coast of the Mishima island, out side there boarder radars.

"How interesting, a facility this near to the island. Dr Able is pushing his luck"

Kazuya walked up to the door which opened on its own and a platoon of Jackie's, lightly armoured, feminine looking Jack's made for mobility surrounded Kazuya.

"Why do you waste money on such pathetic things?"

Kazuya quickly disposed of the Jackie's and moved into the facility

"Intruder at hall way B. intercept immediately" a loud robotic voice sounded.

Doors opened all around Kazuya and hundreds of Jacks moved towards Kazuya

"I wonder, just how much Zeni was thrown away building you pieces of garbage. And they just sacrifice you so they can live for a couple more seconds. How pathetic"

Kazuya attacked the Jacks, smashing and ripping them apart.
Suddenly a battalion of Gun Jacks, armed robots with no camouflage of any kind jumped into the ranks of the Jacks.
A Gun Jack unleashed a chain gun at Kazuya, firing shots at him however Kazuya was too fast and quickly destroyed the machine as well as five other androids.

"Pathetic machines, burn" Kazuya laughed.

Kazuya transformed into his Devil form and fired a laser beam from his third eye located on his forehead, as he spun around his blast destroyed the remaining Jacks.

"That was not even remotely entertaining".

Kazuya transformed into his human form and moved into the door in front of him and in to an elevator.
Kazuya pushed a button that moved the elevator car down into the bowels of the island.

When the doors opened a Laboratory was revelled.

"Goodness he got past the Jacks!" a scientist yelled like he was about to shit himself through fear

"Release ze Prototype" Another Scientist commanded

Suddenly a Jack larger then all the others arrived

"You're totally fucked now; this is Jack-6 our strongest android yet" the first man said with more confidence than before

"Oh should I be cowering in fear, I think not"

Kazuya punched the android knocking it down but it just got back up

"It has thick armour, this will be interesting"

Jack-6 opened his fists revelling guns and fired them at Kazuya

"Too slow!" Kazuya jumped at Jack-6 and kicked it in the head pushing it on a 90 degree angle, he then threw his fist at the androids chest but suddenly Jack-6's giant hand grabbed Kazuya's fist,


"Those pathetic tricks will never work, his reflexes and artificial intelligent is superior to our earlier models"

Jack-6 crushed Kazuya's fist

"My sensors indicate that eight bones have been broken" Jack-6 announced

"Too bad it will not help you!" Kazuya grabbed Jack-6's arm and kneed him across the room, ripping its arm of in the process.

"Immense damage detected, fighting ability down to seventy percent"

"It's going to get a lot less" Kazuya announced arrogantly using his Devil powers to heal his hand before transforming and releasing an energy ball that struck Jack-6

"Systems not responding"

"I was hoping to use this technique on Jin first but oh will you will have to do" Kazuya flew at Jack-6; he then threw his claw into its chest and ripped out wires.
The android immediately deactivated after this.

"He destroyed it!" one of the scientists yelled

"Zat iz impozable" the other scientist announced

"Your next!" Kazuya shouted before firing a laser beam through one of the scientist's heads, splattering blood onto the wall, immediately after, he struck the other mans abdominal and ripped out his intestines.

"Damn pathetic fools, didn't even try to put up any kind of fight at all"

After Kazuya had decimated his opponents he rammed down a door at the other side of the room.
Behind the door was another lab with a large computer on the wall which Kazuya accessed after transformed back to human


Kazuya examined the laboratory noticing pods around the wall and then he saw something that shocked him, someone he hadn't seen in a long time

"It can't be. Jun?!"
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