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Demon clash

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Kazuya must escape the building

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Demon clash

Kazuya stood in shock at what he saw; Jun was alive, how was this possible.
Kazuya activated the computer terminal bellow Jun's pod and scrolled through the settings

"No life support, then there is no reason that I can see to leave her in the hands of these bastards" Kazuya thought to himself before smashing a hole in the pod and ripping the cover off, Kazuya grabbed Jun's unconscious body and put her over his shoulder

"Time to go Jun"

Kazuya took the elevator car back to the entrance level only to find an army of Jack's and scientist's waiting for him

"Kazuya Mishima, the slaughter ends here, with your death" A scientist calmly stated

Kazuya laughed, "How embarrassing, you still don't get it do you. These androids of yours will never defeat me"

"That's why we took the liberty of building a new android just for you, based on Dr Gero's research"

"Oh really, maybe this one will last a bit longer then a minuet"

"Twenty-one get out here"

A man with shoulder length black hair flew over the Jack's and stood next to the scientist

"This is all you have to offer, how disappointing" Kazuya said gently putting Jun on the floor

"Twenty-one kill him and recapture the women"

"Am I to undertake in this task alone?" Twenty-one asked in a soft voice

"Yes others will just get in your way" The scientist replied

"Very well then" Suddenly Kazuya's fist was on a collision course with Twenty-one's face, however Twenty-one grabbed Kazuya's fist like it was nothing, "If you don't mind we are trying to have a conversation" Twenty-one said before throwing Kazuya against the wall

"You're strong for a piece of junk" Kazuya commented

"It's a shame you had to go and murder all those people, killing you will be such a waste" Twenty-one said cupping his hands in front of him, "Buster cannon!" Twenty-one fired a large energy blast at Kazuya

"Best a time as any to test this technique out" Kazuya gathered spiritual energy in his hand and as the Buster cannon would have struck him. Kazuya struck the blast with his hand. Sparks flew from Kazuya's powered up hand and the buster canon until finally it was sent back to its creator

"What, imposable!"

Twenty-one vanished, dodging the blast now heading towards the army.
A Jack managed to contain the blow, sacrificing himself in the process.

Twenty-one appeared behind Kazuya

"Impressive technique, however it will not help you with this Attack. Final flash!" Twenty-one unleashed a massive energy wave directed at Kazuya.

"Shit!" Kazuya shouted attempting to jump out of the way.
The blast massacred the army and Kazuya was nowhere to be seen.

"It looks like he is finally dead, now it's just the women I have to worry about"

Twenty-one moved towards Jun but saw a movement in the corner of his eye, he turned around to try and find it but it was too late, Kazuya struck him in the torso with enough force his fist smashed through to the other side, Kazuya then threw him to the other side of the room.


Kazuya turned around and saw Jun was awake


"Kazuya, I thought you were dead. How did you survive?"

"It's a long story"

Suddenly a phone attached to kazuya's belt rang, Kazuya quickly answered it

"Kazuya get out here quickly, we've got company"

"Great, let's go Jun"

They both left the building and went to the dark stormy island where Kazuya saw the group who stopped him from killing his opponent along with a few other people including a child with a young women, an old man, a pig and flying cat, a few women, a green man and some people who looked like martial artists

"Mother?!" Jin was devastated at the sight of his supposedly dead mother

"Whoa, isn't she supposed to be dead?" Asuka asked shocked

"Maybe someone wished her back with the dragon balls" Trunks suggested

"What are those fools jabbering on about?"

Suddenly Jin steeped forward

"Hand her over!"

"Why, so you can do what you will to her, I think not"

"You don't have a choice in the mater!" Jin shouted as the devil took over

"My, so this is how you wish to fight me, very well then" Kazuya said before transforming into devil himself

"No don't do it!" Jun screamed, but it was too late Kazuya finished his transformation and in a shock wave of power knocked Jun back into unconsciousness

"What is he, is this why I lost to him in our match?" Vegeta thought to himself watching the two demons fight in the sky.

"There power is so strong its tearing this island to shreds" Piccolo Stated

"Jin! What the hell is he" Goten asked, "Wait" he looked at Kazuya and an image of the photo came into his mind, "It's him, from the photo"

"Come on we can't leave Jun here to die we have to get her out of here." Law yelled
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