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Bruce and the demons of death

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The Z fighters try and escape the island which is being torn apart by Kazuya and an out of control Jin.

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Bruce & the demons of death

The Z-fighters and Paul and law's team combined forces to escape the island.
Lei grabbed Jun and hurried away from the building that was fallen down to the ground.

Everyone made it safely to the shore

"What the hell were they, is there something you're not telling us!" Vegeta asked furiously

"The Mishima blood line" answered a voice from behind

"Who are you?" Gohan asked the dark skinned man who the voice belonged to

"Bruce and I'll be taking her back" he said looking at Jun

"Yeah right you're severely out numbered" Trunks stated

"However you're out powered" another voice sounded and two demonic looking men both with bat wings landed in front of Bruce

"Roxel" the first man announced

"Lozz" the other man said

"And we're the demons of death, and that's what we will bring" they both said together

"It doesn't mater who you are, you are all going to die" Vegeta announced

"Didn't you learn any thing from your fight with Kazuya? You shouldn't under estimate us" Bruce stated

"What do you want with Jun?" Asuka asked cautiously

"We're Gonna take her back to Kazuya" Lozz informed her

"What! Why?" Krilen asked

"Because Kazuya is busy killing your friend and dose not wish to be parted from Jun again. And what the master wishes is what the master gets from us" Lozz stated

"Can I kill them now" Roxel asked in an insane sounding voice

"Yes it is time that they die" Bruce answered

Kazuya's three henchmen charged at the Z-fighters while Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and trunks all transformed into super saiyans

"What the, what just happened" Asuka thought to herself

"Oh my how threatening your hair changed colour" Lozz mocked coming in to attack Asuka However Gohan appeared in between them

"Sorry but I only hit girls" Lozz stated before vanishing and reappearing in front of Vedil and Pan

"Don't worry you can fight me" Roxel said stopping Gohan from helping his family

"Gohan!" Vedil yelled

"Don't worry he will be dead before he can feel anything. Lucky for you your not goanna be alive to have to see it!" Roxel raised his claw ready to slice through Vedil's head when suddenly a pink Ki blast struck him in the chest knocking him back.

"Buu!" a fat pink thing carrying a man with a black afro landed in front of Roxel

"Dad?" Vedil asked shocked

"Alright! Your done for, take this" Hercule shouted as he started throwing weak punches at Roxel

"What's that fool doing here" Vegeta thought to himself

"Come now is that really you're best" Kazuya Taunted Jin

"Shut up, I'm goanna grind you to dust"

"Unlikely, tell me can you even control that power"

"Control the power? I am the power!"

"How pitiful"

Kazuya fired a ball of Ki at Jin that struck him


"Tell me, do you like not being able to move"

"What did you do to me?"

"It is a new technique that I developed just for you; I do hope you like it. See this is the power of someone who can control the demons inside of them"

Kazuya flew towards Jin and continuously pounded him with his claws and feet, he then punched him to the ground

Hercule continued to pound Roxel not realising that he wasn't getting anywhere

"You're starting to bore me" Roxel said before simply flicking him out of the way.

Suddenly Jin fell to the ground, "Damn that old bastard"

"That was barely satisfying at all" Kazuya said standing alongside his henchmen

"This is bad, I think we had better do the fusion dance now before its too late" Trunks informed Goten


"A dance, your supposed to fight them not entertain them!" Paul yelled

"Just watch" Goten said getting into position with Trunks

"Fu-sion-huh!" suddenly a light engulfed Goten and trunks and when it cleared a new warrior with the combined appearance of both Goten and Trunks appeared

"Impressive" Roxel stated

"Indeed it is" Lozz said

"Perhaps we should"

"Yes we should"


To The Z-fighter horror Lozz and Roxel fused

"Enter Loxel "

"Oh no, this is bad, really bad" Gotenks thought
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