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Fussion horror

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Loxel vs Gotenks

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z
Rated M for Violence. Adult themes
Fusion horror

"He knows the fusion technique, Know what are we goanna do" Piccolo thought in terror

"Now which one of you should I fight first?" Loxel asked

"That would be me" Gotenks said stepping forward to fight

"I'll let you handle this" Kazuya told Loxel

"Good, this should be fun"

"Here I go" Gotenks said charging at Loxel who kneed him in the gut and punched him with a five hit combo before launching him away with a punch.
Gotenks got up and fired a Ki blast at Loxel who dogged it.
Gotenks shot out white things from his mouth.

"What the hell are those things, sperm?" Loxel asked, "What have you been giving people blow jobs and you just coughed"

"That one wasn't so funny" Bruce stated

"Yeah, I probably should have just said the first one"

Suddenly the white things grew faces that looked like Gotenks'


The ghosts that looked like sperm flew at Loxel however he dogged them, but they soon appeared above and struck him creating a large explosion

"He wasn't very tough" Gotenks said victoriously

"Interesting attack" Loxel's voice sounded from the fire of the explosion

"Impossible, he survived it"

"Did you really think you could beat him like that?" Kazuya commented

"I... will kill you" Jin said still under the control of Devil finally free of Kazuya's attack

"Jin" Goku went to help him up but was pushed away

"How dare you try and touch me you Saiyan filth, why couldn't you stay on your own planet and die like the rest of your kind" Jin snarled


"He doesn't have any control over himself when that thing takes over" Lei informed them

"This is getting out of hand, you guys have to get Hercule and Jun out of here" Gohan said

"Right" Krilen said as the Z-fighters left

"Buu help" Buu said loudly.

"Jun!" Kazuya chased after the Z-fighter

"No!" Goku tried to stop Kazuya but Loxel and Bruce got in front of them.

Now all that was on the battle field was Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Gotenks and Majin Buu on one side, Bruce and Loxel on another and Jin controlled by devil on another.

"The loyalty of your friends is astounding" Bruce mocked

"Bad men hurt Hercule, me turn you into chocolate" Buu fired a pink beam at Loxel however he managed to brake free of it.
Vegeta and Gohan transformed into super saiyan 2

"Interesting there power levels have increased" Loxel stated.

Suddenly Jin shot two laser beams through Buu and into Loxel's torso

"Gaahh!" Loxel screamed in pain as the beams sunk into his flesh

"Quit your whining cowered; they didn't hit anything vital. Death is a luxury you don't deserve"

"You bastard, I was planning on killing you quickly but just for that I'm goanna take my time."

Immediately after Buu regenerated the fight started between the three sides with Punches and kicks and Ki blasts being thrown.
Bruce used all his spiritual energy and channelled it into his body, powering up all his attacks.

Goku was fighting against Jin

"Don't do this Jin you can fight it I know you can"

"Enough talk, you will burn" Jin announced

"I'm not going to let you hurt anyone" Goku transformed to super saiyan 2, "Now shall we begin"
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