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Jin and Jay

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Goku Vs Jin

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Jin and Jay

"Don't do this Jin you can fight it I know you can"

"Enough talk, you will burn" Jin announced

"I'm not going to let you hurt anyone" Goku transformed to super saiyan 2, "Now shall we begin"

Goku unleashed a borage of punches followed by a super Kamehameha wave upon Jin

"Ugh you filth, die" Jin fired lasers from his eyes but Goku dogged them with instant transmition and appeared behind Jin he then threw him against a rock.

"Give up you can't win" Goku said

"You damn cur" Jin appeared in front of Goku and struck him with a ten hit combo sending him ten miles away

Goku got up and fired a Kamehameha wave however Jin vanished and appeared behind Goku, he then pummelled him with his fists but before he could launch him away, Goku vanished and appeared above him

"Ka-me-ha-me-ha!" The blue energy wave sent from Goku struck Jin in the head

"Ugh" Jin screamed in pain but did not fall, "I will kill you"

"You just don't give up do you?"

A G-corporation helicopter hovered over the collapsing island

"Should we engage them with the new model?"

"No, the more they try to kill each other the more time we have"

"However they have taken experiment three"

"This may work in our favour"

"But sir"

"Are you questioning my superiority?"

"N-no sir"

"Then I suggest you get us out of here"

The Z-fighters ran from Kazuya who was soon in front of them

"No where to go now, hand her over" Kazuya said

"Not a chance, you'll have to get past us" Tien stated

"Out of my way que ball, you don't know what you're getting yourself into"

"Then show me" Tien charged at Kazuya but was quickly knocked away by Kazuya's fierce claws.
Yamtcha attempted to use his wolf fang fist attack however his arms where broken by Kazuya and he was thrown into the raging ocean.

"Yamtcha!" Krilen ran to help him however he was grabbed by the throat by Kazuya

"Let him go" 18 charged however Kazuya fired his stunning attack on her, his third eye opened and looked at 18 and read her mind

"Interesting your this fools wife, tell me how would you like to see your husband die" Kazuya readied his hand to strike it through Krilen

"Wait" Kazuya stopped his hand and looked over at Jun who had regained consciousness

"Please, enough blood has been spilt today" Jun pleaded

"Very well then" Kazuya said, "I suggest an exchange, Jun for this one" Kazuya said looking at Krilen

"D-don't do it" Krilen said chocking

"No it's alright" Jun said

"Are you sure" Piccolo asked

"Yes I'll be fine"

"B-b-but he's a demon just look at him he's all purple" Asuka stated

"He is also the father of my child"

Jun walked up to Kazuya as Kazuya throw Krilen to the Z-fighters.
Jun wrapped her arms around Kazuya's torso and he spread his wings out and flew into the sky.

"You just don't give up do you?" Goku stated


Suddenly a foot struck Jin which made him turn around to see what cur was foolish enough to attack him

"Quickly, grab him"

Goku got Jin in a arm lock


"Hworang, Lela I thought you two were too busy to come?" Goku said sarcastically

"Oh a comedian." Hworang said sarcastically

"So why are you here?"

"I thought a different why to free him may help"

"How do you mean"

Suddenly Goku saw Jay step close to Jin

"Raaaggghhhh" Jin roared trying to bite Jay but she was not close enough.
Jay placed her hand on his chest and it started to glow pink

"Get your hand off me bitch"

"You don't have to fight alone; you have friends to help you now"

Jin screamed out in pain as the Devil lost its control over Jin and the human side regained dominancy.
Suddenly Jin fainted.

"Is it gone?" Goku asked

"I doubt it, it probably just lost control" Hworang answered

"Bruce, get Loxel its time to go" Kazuya's voice rang through Bruce's head and soon Loxel grabbed Bruce and flew off into the night sky

The Z-fighters who remained to fight walked back wounded to find three of there friends on the ground.
The Z-fighters fished Yamtcha out of the river, he was screaming in pain for his arms were broken and then twisted around.
Tien had claw gashes on his chest.
Krilen's throat was red

"Your back" Bolma stated

"We don't have time for small talk this island is falling apart" Goku said

Bolma threw a dino cape at the ocean which revelled a Boat.
The Z-fighters got on board and made their way back to the Mishima Island.
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