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Kazuya brings Jun to a sanctuary however she descovers something unbearable

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z

The Z-fighters boat moved towards the Mishima Island, the Z-fighters helping to heal each others wounds.

"Who were those guys?" 18 said sitting next to her unconscious husband

"The purple one was Kazuya, my father and the human was Bruce, I don't know who the other two were" Jin answered

"I do" Lei informed him

"What? How?" Jin asked

"I investigated a few murder cases that linked to him and in each one those three were always there"

"So did you arrest him?" Vedil asked holding Pan in her arms who was sleeping

"You're kidding me, we sent in a whole squadron of police officers and they didn't even get past Bruce

"Is he that strong?"


Silence suddenly fell over the boat

"Asuka, why did you show up at the tournament" Jin asked breaking the silence

"I need the prize money for an operation my father needs to get. Why?"

"No reason" Jin answered, "Bolma. Do you think I could borrow this boat when we get back?"

"Sure I guess. Why do you need it?" Bolma asked

"I need to pay a little visit to someone"

Jun awoke in a dark cabin

"Where am I?"

Jun suddenly remembered what had transpired earlier that morning.
Jun got to her feet and walked to the door, when she opened it a large forest appeared in front.
The lashes green trees ran as far as the eye could see and the tall grass ran up to Jun's ankles.


"Kazuya thought it would be better for you to regain your strength here more then in the city" Jun turned around to see Bruce was behind her, "I see your already up and walking" Bruce observed

"Excuse me but where is Kazuya?" Jun asked

"He is on the other side of the forest" Bruce said pointing right

"Thank you" Jun said before starting to walk however her legs gave way and she started to fall to the ground

"Hay be careful" Bruce said holding Jun so she didn't fall on her face like a hopeless drunk coming home from the bar at three A.M.
You need to take it easy. You haven't used your legs for nearly a decade"

Bruce whistled and a brown horse came out from under the trees

"Get on" Bruce politely ordered

"Okay" Jun climbed onto the brown horse' back which started walking along side Bruce

"Why are you here with Kazuya" Jun asked

"I'm a mercenary I go with who ever can pay me. Besides his intentions seems like something I want to be a part of"

"Intentions, he wouldn't do any thing to hurt Jin would he"

Suddenly Bruce stopped

"We're here" Bruce informed Jun

Jun saw a large log cabin in front of them.
Jun got of the horse and slowly walked up to the door of the cabin, she looked back to see if Bruce was coming in to, however he had already left and the horse also left probably to find some better grass to eat because there was not much near the cabin.
Jun half opened the door when she heard voices.

"Things are moving quickly"

"We must eliminate them all, especially him" Kazuya's voice said coldly

"He wouldn't be talking about... Jin would he" Jun thought before fully opening the door.

"Jun your awake" Kazuya stated

"I was hopping we could talk"

"Can it wait I have to fight someone"

"Please don't kill anyone" Jun pleaded

"If it can be helped I won't kill my opponent"

"Actually I"

"I should be back in an about an hour" Kazuya said cutting Jun off before transforming into his Devil form and flying into the sky.
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