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Rise of evil

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What is G corperation up to

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z.
Rise of evil

"Isn't Jin back yet, it's almost eight" Law stated in a panic

"Maybe something has happened to him?" Trunks asked

"You don't think that maybe" Jay asked but was unable to finish the question

"No way the devil would have taken over before that. Oh shit what if the devil took over?" Paul asked causing even more distress

"I see you two are very worried!" Vegeta said sarcastically to Lela and Hworang who were on Jin's bed with there lips locked

"Jesus Christ your like fuckin rabbits" Paul stated

"At least we are enjoying our self's, its what Jin would have wanted" Hworang said

"Shut up stops talking as though he is dead" Jay shrieked getting up to run out the door.

"But Jay, he is dead"

Suddenly the door swung open nearly knocking Jay over.
Jin limped in through the door covered in blood with the left leg of his pants ripped.

"Jin your alive!" Jay shouted quickly wrapping her arms around him, "You bastard you made us think you were dead!"

"I could have been" Jin responded limping to his bed, "No, don't bother yourself continue to make out on my bed" Jin said to Lela and Hworang as he sat on a chair at the end of the bed.

"What the bloody hell happened" Steve asked

"Jin gave the Dino capsule containing the boat back to Bulma before explaining what happened to him, "I went to go see Able"

"Able?" Gohan asked confused

"Able is the current lead scientist of G-corporation" Jin said before continuing, "Things were pretty hectic at the G-corporation HQ and in the chaos they elected Able to be there high commander, the person in control of there forces"

"Why?" Bulma asked

"The Mishima Zibutsu has a powerful army, if they get there hands on the G-corporation's technology I doubt they will use it to invent a self-cleaning waffle iron"

"That doesn't explain why you look like a dog's chew toy" oolong explained

"Holy shit it talks" Hworang stated surprised

"Thank you Mr. obvious" Oolong announced

"Can I finish?" Jin impatiently asked

"Continue the story sonny" Roshi said

"Thank you, now where was I" Jin stopped for a few seconds before continuing "I managed to make him talk. He told me every thing, the deception, his plans for world domination, everything. Then he called an army on me, he was so confident that his army would finish me off, that's the only reason he told me so much"

"So what happened next?" Oolong asked

"I destroyed a few of them but then a giant new model came along, it was covered in weapons and I couldn't do any thing to stop it. Luckily it tried to finish me with missals and I used the smoke and debris to escape"

"You don't think that maybe Kazuya might be working with Able, he makes some chaos, kills some people and then Able gets a promotion?" Bulma asked

"Oh shit I didn't even think of that! If that's the case it will be near impossible to stop them"

"Vedil didn't your father help fund something called G-corporation!" Goten asked

"What!? This moron funded it!?" Jin yelled at the top of his voice"

"But I didn't know what they were talking about, I just wanted to show off" Hercule responded

A siren suddenly sounded indicated the days matches were about to begin

"I'll stay here with Jin for awhile" Jay said which meant every one except Jin and Jay left to assemble with all the other fighters
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