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Goku vs Vegeta

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z
Rated M for violence

The large view screen randomly paired all the fighters with opponents that they hadn't fought yet because Heihachi had decided to have all the fighters' battle at the same time and abolish the time limit.
Goku saw his image appear in the first slot and shortly after, Vegeta's image appeared in the box next to Goku's indicating they were to fight, Goten would fight Trunks, Gohan vs. Steve, Asuka vs. Jin, Law vs. Paul, Lea vs. Hworang and Lela vs. jay

"We are all fighting each other, there is no chance in hell this is a coincidence some one has tampered with the sorter" Vegeta thought "oh well at least I get to fight Kakarot sooner then before"

Goku and Vegeta were taken to a large meadow for there fight

"I presume even you can tell what happened" Vegeta said

Goku's only response was a puzzled look of confusion

"I see I was wrong it doesn't matter though, I've been hopping we would fight soon"

Vegeta lunged forward towards Goku who flew vertically to doge the attack and fired a powerful blast at Vegeta; however he managed to easily vanish and appeared behind Goku before slamming him to the ground

"Surly you have realised"

Vegeta flew to the ground and kicked Goku along the ground

Goku regained his ground, "What"

Vegeta gained the excess spiritual energy in his body and fired a borage of Ki blasts, "I would have thought even someone like you would be able to see what is happening here"

Goku vanished and appeared in front of Vegeta; the two of them flew to the air exchanging punches

"The only thing I can see happening here is this match" Goku stated

"You're a fool" Vegeta punched Goku however he disappeared and reappeared in behind Vegeta, he then smashed him to the ground.

Vegeta got to his feet, "it's obvious that we have been pitted against each other. It's an insult to our, will most of our intelligence"

Vegeta cupped his hands together and gathered his spiritual energy, "Gallek gun, fire!" Vegeta fired a purple blast at Goku who failed to dodge or defend against it.
Goku was pushed along the ground and thrown against a rock.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five" Goku forced him self up, he was bleeding from his head and back

"Time to stop holding back" Goku stated transforming to super saiyan two and Vegeta mimicked this action so they were at the same level.

Vegeta attacked suddenly, firing Ki blasts and unleashing punches which Goku dodged and fired a Kamehameha wave that missed

"You need some new moves Kakarot!"

There fighting went on for ten minuets

"I'm going to crush you!" Vegeta stated

"That's funny since you haven't hit me lately" Goku calmly stated

"Well that's about to change!" A smirk appeared on Vegeta's face, "Final flash"

Goku intercepted the enormous blast with a super Kamehameha wave which when they collided created an enormous explosion that threw Goku and Vegeta to the ground.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, fore, three, two, one. It's a double K.O"
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