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Goku Vs Kazuya

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Goku Vs Kazuya...Nothing else to say

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z
Rated M for language, violence
Goku V.S Kazuya

The next matches were not quite as intense as the ones that took place on that day.
The Z-fighters threw there matches against Jin so he could keep his promise with Jay that he would get the Mishima technology for her brother, also the Z-fighter had no interest in having the Mishima Zibutsu.

Jay had a metal rod stuck in her arm to keep the bone together; Jin spent his free time in the hospital with her after that operation.
Hworang and Lela spent all there time together in privet, "If those two don't slow down our population is going to be higher then china" Paul stated jokingly once.
Asuka and Goten talked to each other about past occurrences.

The days went past as expected until the second to last day of the tournament when Goku was selected to fight Kazuya, who had beaten all the Z-fighters who had participated in the Tournament except Jin, for an unknown reason Kazuya didn't show up to fight Jin.
The fight against Kazuya was to take place near the entrance to the island where a few large facilities were located

The Z-fighters quickly finished there fights to investigate Kazuya's room for proof if he was working with Able.
Kazuya's apartment complex was located near the battle field; luckily it was easy to sneak in although some would have rather watched the fight

Kazuya stood on the battlefield laughing

"What's so funny?" Goku asked

"I'm just thinking about all the fun I'm going to have ripping you apart, I promised Jun I would try to avoid killing however that is not possible with you. You and your friends must all die" Kazuya laughed again

"Nobody, and I mean nobody threatens my friends" Goku transformed into super Saiyan one and jumped at Kazuya.

They fought with melee for a few minuets

"How am I supposed to fight all out with a bunch of assholes watching?" Kazuya transformed into his devil form and fired a laser at the camera destroying it along with the camera man before murdering the announcer.

"You'll pay for that!" Goku furiously screamed transforming to super Saiyan two and firing a super Kamehameha wave at Kazuya, who fired a laser straight through the energy wave and into Goku before using his stunning attack

"Life is a privilege, not a right" Kazuya kicked Goku into the air, "So don't look down on me in such a way"

Goku freed himself, "He's powerful, I'm gonna need all my power to stop him" Goku then built up his strength and transformed to super Saiyan three and charged.

The Z-fighters search lead them to the tenth floor of the complex

"You were right Bruce, wait and they will come to us" the Z-fighters turned around and saw Lozz and Roxel float to the ground

"Of course I was" Bruce went on the other side of the Z-fighters so they had no escape "Kill them"

"I can't let them fuse, this may be my only chance" Piccolo charged The spiritual energy in his body "Special beam cannon" a yellow energy beam shot from Piccolo into Roxel, sticking his heart and forced blood onto the wall behind him.

"Roxel!!" Lozz screamed running over to his dying comrade

"You green murderous bastard!" Bruce shouted attacking the Z-fighters

"L-looks like I failed, hey do me a favour would ya" Roxel's breathing got heavier with each word

"What" Tears rolled down Lozz's cheeks

"G-go g-get them" Roxel's breathing stopped and his body grew limp


Gohan got past Bruce and closed in on Lozz

"Fuck off!" Lozz captured the Z-fighters in a psychic field

Even in his Super Saiyan three form Goku was still no match for Kazuya's devil form.
Suddenly the building behind him exploded and the Z-fighters fell out to the pavement and behind them Lozz and Bruce jumped down.

"Where is Roxel?" Kazuya asked

"He... didn't make it"


"They murdered him right in front of my eyes!" Lozz yelled

"Then take your revenge" Kazuya pointed at the wounded Z-fighters, "Make the bastards pay!"

"No!" Goku yelled as anger ran threw his body.

The earth began to shack as his yellow aura grew and he changed form.
His hair turned black and he grew a monkey, every one could fell how powerful he had become

"Impossible!" Vegeta stated, "Could he have reached the level of...Super saiyan four"
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