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The commen enemy

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It seems Kazuya and the Z fighters have an enemy in commen

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Rated M for violence, language
The common enemy

"Oh my you have changed your hair style again; however I don't think you have grasped the concept of evolution yet." Kazuya stated, "The idea was to look less like a monkey" Kazuya said as though talking to a retarded kid as he looked at Goku's tail

Goku ignored Kazuya's remark and instead used this time to see if his friends were conscious.
Goten was awake and had moved to see if Asuka was alright while Jin, Gohan and Vegeta all got to there feet to fight Bruce and Lozz

"Goten stay here and protect the others okay" Gohan said


"I'm going to kill you!" Bruce attacked along side Lozz, Jin punched Bruce in the abdomen and Vegeta locked Lozz in a fist clash as Gohan powered up.

"You wont get away with this" Goku leapt forward

"Away with what? Kicking your ass" Kazuya replied

"Goku stop! Kazuya isn't the threat to earth" King Kai's voice rang through Goku's mind

"I can't talk now King Kai"

"Wait Goku you're making a huge mistake"

Gohan fully charged his attack as Vegeta was hit to the ground and began to stand up

"Vegeta, get down" Gohan yelled.

Vegeta vanished

"Ha!" Gohan fired his Kamehameha wave which struck straight through Lozz forcing his blood and intestines out along with it

"Lozz!" Bruce screamed "Damn it, do you hate this world so much that you're really going to let it fall into Able's hands. It wasn't even there home but Roxel and Lozz died for earth"

"Fall into Able's hands, it can't be"

"Kazuya isn't with able"


"I have been trying to tell you but you didn't listen" Goku suddenly blocked an incoming attack From Kazuya.
At Super Saiyan four Goku and Kazuya's devil forms power was equal, they both matched attack for attack, and nothing was getting through either ones defence

Goku fired a Kamehameha times ten which sent Kazuya who blocked it away form Goku so he could continue his conversation with King Kai

"If he's not with Able king Kai, then what exactly is he doing?"

"Exactly the same thing as you" King Kai began to laugh

"You bastard, I'm going to rip your fuckin eyes out" Kazuya roared

"So he wants to stop Able as well

"Of course"

"Kazuya that's enough" Jin said approaching Kazuya"

"Oh that's it; I have had enough of your shit boy!" Kazuya shouted grabbing Jin's throat and readying his other claw to strike Jin's heart

"Kazuya! Stop!" Jun's voice screamed as she ran onto the battle field

"Why, what possible reason is there for me to stop" Kazuya threw his claw at Jin's chest

"Because he's your son!"

Kazuya's eyes widened and his claw stopped mere miler meters from Jin at hearing this, "M-my ...son" Kazuya dropped Jin onto the ground and reverted back to his human

"Why!! Why did you do it father" The five year old boy screamed as Heihachi stood over Kazuya's dead mother, tears rolling down both cheacks

"I told you, I refuse to have a son as weak as you" Heihachi replied, "That bitch has been cheating on me for years"

"I vowed that I would never be anything like him, I guess that wish is just one more thing I've failed to protect" Kazuya thought

"I think we should listen to them for a minute" Bruce said walking to Kazuya's side

"Where is Lozz?" Kazuya asked cautiously

Goku who was now in his original form now saw that all the Z-fighters were awake now

"It would have helped knowing this before we lost Roxel and Lozz; we were planning on using Loxel to fight Able"

"Goku you're going to need there help the final confrontation with Able will be soon and by that I mean in about a minute. I should have warned you sooner, without Roxel and Lozz you only have people from your own realm to help you"

"It seems we have the same enemy" Hworang stated

Suddenly everyone hared slow claps from behind them

"Finally the last horse cross the finish line" Able stepped forward wearing a gas mask and holding a remote with three buttons on it, Able pushed the first button.
A loud humming sounded followed by pipes connected to the buildings exploding, realising a red mist surrounding everyone, the only trace of Able's presence was his loud laughing
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