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Kazuya vs G corperation Kazuya defends his family.

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z.
Rated M for violence, language

The red fog soon cleared so able was clear to see by everyone.

"Able! Today begins your eternal torment in hell" Kazuya yelled walking towards able

"I would stay back if I were you" Able pointed his remote at Jun and pushed the second button out of the three.
Jun suddenly laminated a faint red and fell to her knees screaming in agony.


"Now Kazuya do you understand that if you come close or attempt to transform, your beloved Jun will die a slow painful death" Able pushed the third button and Jun returned to normal

"What did you do to Jun you bastard?" Kazuya asked demandingly

You wont get any answers with that attitude" Able laughed

"I know you too well to know you like talking about your self too much not to tell people you plan on killing anyway" Jin said

"Your right, I'm just too proud of myself so here it comes. You just fill under our new biological weapon"

"Weapon. The fog?" Jin muttered

"I call them nano drones and once inside you they get inside your blood stream being moved around the body with the blood just waiting for a signal. When they receive it they well case extreme pain and slowly grow until they make your arteries burst" Able began to laugh, "Before you all die I should thank you all for the data you all gave me that day you all fought each other in the tournament

"You, you're the one who started the tournament" Lei stated

"Oh I see you aren't a detective for nothing" Able mocked

"But how" Asuka asked

"It was easy killing Heihachi however cloning him was a bit difficult"

"So the old Bastard is dead, that must be why no one investigated that G-Corporation building" Kazuya returned his attention to Able who finished talking about clones aging to fast with the current technology

"He thought he was the real Heihachi but we can take control of him at any time" Able walked towards Jin staying arm length away "Jin, you should be happy. Didn't you want to be rid of the Devil gene, well now I'm giving you the only way out? Death, only in death will you be free from the curse" Able pointed the remote at Jin and pushed the second button, Jin fell onto his back

"Jin!" Jun tried to run to her son

"I can slow down the process at any time so don't come any closer" Able smirked, "Now everyone. Die!" Able span and activated all the nano drones except for those in Kazuya and Bruce who jumped out of the way in an attempt to fight

"Oh Shit there being slaughtered" Bruce said in shock

Kazuya felt nothing at this sight, they may have been after the same goal but they were not allies, he moved his eyes around the group until he reached Jin, then something happened.
Kazuya saw himself as a child as he was tossed of the cliff by Heihachi, before every thing was fucked up.
If he was to turn his back on Jin then he would be no Better then that son of a bitch Heihachi

"Kazuya quickly realised something and looked at Jun to see her curled in a ball


"P-please save Jin" Jun pleaded in a faint voice

"No, we've been apart for nearly twenty-five years, I'm not going to let you die now"

Kazuya ran at Able

"Stupid fool!" Able pushed the second button and Kazuya laminated red however after a second he returned to normal, "What?!" Able pressed the button several times only for the same thing to happen.
Kazuya grabbed the remote and pushed the third button deactivating the all the nano drones.

"How is this possible?" Able asked

"Your drones can only work and grow if the heart pumps it through the body cant they"

"What's your point?" Able asked impatiently with a hint of fear in his voice

Kazuya grinned, "My heart no longer beats"

"What? Impossible!"

"All that keeps me alive is my soul and the devil" Kazuya crushed the remote as his hand changed into a claw and the rest of his body transformed. "Bruce get Jun and the other out of here"

A helicopter suddenly flew above them and Able used Kazuya's distraction to jump aboard

"Sir should we leave" the pilot asked

"And miss the destruction of the great Kazuya, I think not. Just send out the new model and bring on the launchers" Able replied

Bruce led the Z-fighters through the streets

"Come on hurry up"

Suddenly a missile struck the road near Asuka creating a ditch and she fell

"Asuka" Goten grabbed her hand and pulled her up before she could fall down to the raging river below

"Just follow this path I'll catch up to you later"

"Where are you going?" Trunks asked

"I have something to go take care of"

Kazuya heard an explosion from the building behind him and saw a giant Jack covered in weapons jump to the ground

"Behind you Kazuya" Bruce shouted as two helicopters went on ether side of Able's and started firing Jacks

"Bruce what the hell do you think you're doing"

"I have to fight; I owe it to Roxel and Lozz"

"Fine you deal with the Jacks I'll take out that thing" Kazuya looked at the enormous Jack, "must be some kind of artillery" the Jack aimed its arm cannon and fired blue beams at Kazuya who dodged them and slowly made his way towards the Jack and when he closed in he unleashed a ten hit combo upon the monstrous artillery, throwing it along the pavement. However it quickly recovered and fired its flam thrower which engulfed where Kazuya was standing, this victory was short lived however as Kazuya was seen above the artillery and kicked it away. Kazuya flew at the machine as it fired its missiles; however Kazuya increased his acceleration to dodge them. As he got to the Jack, Kazuya forced his claw into its head and ripped it off; he then threw it into the ocean.

"Kazuya, feel free to help at any time!" Bruce yelled surrounded by Jacks and the wreckage of defeated jacks

Kazuya fired a laser at the engine of one of the launchers, destroying it instantly along with the pilots and the jacks on board.

"Your turn. Able!" Kazuya fired a laser at Able's helicopter however it only dented the armour, "Oh shit now what do we do!"

"This is fucking insane, we can't do this with only two people!" Bruce stated

"We can't fall back; this is our only chance to kill him" Kazuya replied

Jacks continued to fall but Kazuya refused to surrender

"There must be a week point; they have the shittiest engineers on the face of the earth" Suddenly Kazuya realised, "The rotor, why the fuck didn't I think of it sooner" Kazuya started running

"Where the fuck are you going"

"Hold them off I've got an idea"

Kazuya waited until both helicopters got into position, when they did he gathered all the energy in his body and used it to create an enormous laser aimed at the top of Able's helicopter, destroying the rotor.
As the blast was finished Kazuya reverted to his human form and fell to his knees with only hopes that his calculations were correct and that luck was on his side for once, "Come on you son of a bitch, a little to the right"

"Sir, I can't control it"

Able looked out the window and saw that they were falling ... straight towards the remaining launcher, "Oh fuck"

The two helicopters were engulfed in a fiery explosion killing all that were aboard along with the danger to earth

"Kazuya!" Jun ran and hugged Kazuya

"That was awesome" Asuka said as the Z-fighters (except Vegeta) surrounded Kazuya

"And I get no credit" Bruce said to himself, "Racist pricks"

"I couldn't have done it without Bruce though" Bruce looked up in surprise, "It's late, you should all head back to your rooms it's the final's tomorrow isn't it" Kazuya managed to say before blacking out
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