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New friends and old rivals

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Jin VS Hworang

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Rated M for violence. Sexual references. Language.
New friends and old rivals

A new day dawned and the finals were about to begin.
The Z-fighters however were not in any condition or mood to fight so they had decided to forfeit and just sit back and watch Jin and Hworang's match

"Hworang beat him and I might just have something special in store for you" Lela said blushing as she kissed Hworang on the head

"W-where's Jin, I've been waiting for this fight for the whole tournament so he better show"

The Z-fighters were too busy talking that they didn't even notice someone walk towards them.

"Lela where the hell have you" Noel Septa walked up to them

"Uncle!" Lela ran to hug the Middle aged man

"Uncle, isn't he your dad?" Hworang asked

"No it's just he treats me more like a daughter then my real one so every one assumes he's my father, speaking of which you didn't bring him with you did you."


"Good" Lela said relieved

"He has been worried"

"Really" Lela asked suspiciously

"Alright so he hasn't" Noel admitted, "I have though, why did you ran away"

"I'm nineteen years old, I don't think it can be could running away from home"

"Even so"

"I bet that bastard is having the time of his life, now he can go fuck all the whores he wants without my complaints"


"He didn't even care when mum died"

"Lela that's enough!" Noel scolded and Lela soon became quite, "you don't know anything of the matter"

"I do so!" Lela screamed "He wouldn't give a fuck if I was dead!"

"He would so"

"He would not!" Lela ran off in tears to get away from her uncles sweat lies, Lela would not allow her mind to be raped by such words again

Jin was nearly pushed off his feet as Lela ran past crying her eyes out, luckily Hworang was with her so he didn't have to worry about it, all that mattered was the match and nothing else

"I can not allow myself to be distracted I'm tied with Hworang so I need to defeat him so I can face Heihachi's clone. No way I'm disappointing Jay and Asuka this close to my goal now" Jin grimaced at the thought of falling, "I can't let that happen, no matter what"

Jin arrived at the arena where all his new friends were waiting, it seemed like Hworang had succeeded in cheering Lela up because she was smiling and laughing as were Goten and Asuka

"Excuse me but if you are not participating in the next match please proceed towards the spectator's podium" The announcer stated pointed to a building where every level had a balcony

All the spectators were silent as they waited for the announcer to say, "Begin"

The two fighters took up there positions

"I've been waiting a long time for this match" Hworang stated

"Whatever I don't care, all I give a damn about is riding on this match" Jin responded

"Kick his ass Hworang!" Lela called out from the balcony and the fighters charged at each other launching there ten hit combos to deal server damage to there opponent

"There really going all out in this fight" Law stated

"What do you expect; they have been rivals for at least five years" Lei explained

"I told you we should have taken a left turn Kazuya"

"Don't blame me, Bruce was reading the map"

"Do you think this place has a map, I was reading the world map"

"And whose fault is that?"

"Yours you gave me the Fucking map"

"Kazuya, Jun, Bruce, what are you three doing here" Goten asked

"Jun wanted to see her son's match before we left" Bruce explained

Jin and Hworang fought for a full five minutes.
Hworang sent Jin away by strengthening his foot with Ki and kicking him.
Jin got up and delivered an upper cut to Hworang's face sending him to the ground.
The two fighters clashed, there rivalry goading them on.
They unleashed there best attacks.
Hworang kicked and Jin dodged and delivered a powerful punch to Hworang's throat, winding him and forcing him to the ground

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, Jin is the winner"

"The crowed cheered loudly some chanting Jin's name.
Lela walked down and appeared in front of Hworang, she bent down to whisper something in his ear

"Come on; let's head back to your room" Lela blushed as she talked

"But I lost"

"Exactly, you lost so you have to do something for me, or rather to me"

Jin's victory was short lived, "Heihachi, I can't lose now, no matter what"
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