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Someone to fight for

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Jin VS 'Heihachi'

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I don't own Tekken. I don't own Dragon ball Z
Rated M for I don't know I haven't written the chapter yet.
Au: Well this is it, the final episode in the Kazuya saga. Thanks for staying with me I think only one person reading this story so thanks to that guy. Anyway here is the stunning conclusion to the saga, or is it retarded conclusion I'll let you be the judge of that so enjoy except if you hated the story in witch case fuck you, Not really I cant blame you but you've just wasted a whole lot of time reading up to this point.
Someone to fight for

Heihachi stepped forward into the arena ready to fight Jin

"So you're my opponent, Kazama"

Yeah and I can't lose now"


"Tell me, just how do you expect to win"

"Well I thought I might take a different approach from everyone else and try knocking you out" Jin said sarcastically

"What was that?"

"I said"

"We heard you the first time!" Heihachi snapped angrily, "You will learn to respect me boy" Heihachi charged and slammed Jin to the ground winded

"Ten nine eight seven" Jin got back up but was punched back to the ground; Heihachi stood on Jin's torso and put his weight on him to stop the little bastard from getting up.

"Ten nine eight seven six five" Jin managed to topple Heihachi over while keeping a hold of his foot and throwing him across the arena

"Ten nine" Heihachi got up and charged at Jin, as he reached him, Jin threw a mid punch however Heihachi moved to the left and punched Jin in the face which disorientated him and gave Heihachi an opening to his ribs that he took.

The Z-fighters watched as Heihachi pummelled Jin

"It seems that his chances of winning are quickly slipping away" Kazuya stated

"But he can still turn the fight around right?" Law asked

"I doubt it, even if they were to hit each other the same amount of times Jin would lose because Heihachi's body can take a lot more"

"Am I to late to see the fight?" I timid voice asked

"Jay, they finally let you out of the hospital?" Lei half asked half presumed


"You're right on time to see your boy friend get his ass kicked" Paul loudly stated

"Paul" Lei angrily warned

"Jin just give the match, I don't want you to get hurt"

"Eight seven"

"I can't win" Jin thought of throwing the match, "I give" Jin looked up to find the announcer but instead meet the eyes of Jay, "I can't give up know, there is too much ridding on this match"

"Three two o" Jin suddenly jumped up

"I won't lose!" Jin's power level suddenly jumped up like an Olympic pull volte champion

"How the hell do you expect to beat me" Heihachi asked

Jin suddenly speed in front of Heihachi and tenderised his stomach with his fists before kicking him into the air

"You don't stand a chance against me know, I have the upper ground" suddenly Heihachi noticed something, Jin's right eye had turned red in fact the entire right side of his face was..., "The devil!" Heihachi screamed in his head but Jin was already only a centimetre away.
Jin punched him in the gut and struck him down with his leg.
Soon after he landed Jin came down and slammed his foot on his chest both knocking him out and stopping his heart.

"Killing him was the most humane thing I could think of doing in the current situation"

"Five four three two one, Jin Kazama is the winner, Jin Kazama is the champion and the new owner of the Mishima Zibutsu"

"Jin!" Jay jumped at him and because he was exhausted from the last attack fell down

"Take it easy Jay" Jin said

"Sorry Jin" Jay got up to stand with all the other Z-fighters who were know surrounding Jin

"Sorry to interrupt but here is the prize money" the announcer said handing a cheek worth one hundred thousand Zeni

"Asuka, Here use this money for your father's operation"

"Th-thank you"

"Jay the only reason I got up is because of you, thank you. Don't worry about your brother he will get better with the new technology

"We wish you good luck with your reign Mr Kazama" a man in a tuxedo said to Jin saluting

"Thank you" Jin stated dismissing the man before walking towards a balcony, viewing his new country sized island

"Amazing" Jay stated who was also on the balcony

"Yeah" Jin gently grabbed Jay's hand and they both turned towards each other, slowly moving closer until their lips made contact and formed a kiss.

"This is a month I will never truly forget. It seems we have all gone our separate ways, Kazuya and mother have rented an apartment in West city last I heard. Jay lives with me now and her brother is all better as well. Lei returned to the police force. Law and Paul returned to the USA. Goku, Gohan, Vedil and Goten returned to there house. I heard that Goten and Asuka have started dating. Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks returned to West city. Hworang and Lela moved in together. Yeah this is a month I will never truly forget"

AN: So there you have it the end of the saga, don't worry if you enjoyed it and if you didn't take this I'm going to be working on a one shot located in the same category called
Tekken ball Z: Bojack returns,
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