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Chapter Fourteen

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I finally decided to add another. :P Got bored. haha.

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Ryan sat there quietly, trying desperately to keep himself awake. How long had he been sitting in this cell? There wasn't a single window to tell him whether it was night or day. All he knew was that he was tired, and that he was scared. A small shiver ran through his body, how much colder could it have gotten in this damn cell? Much colder...

I whimper crept out of the bitter silence, causing Ryan's thoughts to fault from their chaos. He didn't know where anyone was, Brendon, Spencer and Jon had to be there somewhere, but who was located where was a mystery all it's own. "Brendon?"

"Yeah?" His voice came out loud and clear, he was definitely not the one crying. He was good at hiding his emotions, but not that good.

"Who's crying? Can you tell?" Ryan didn't dare speak above a whisper, he wanted to pinpoint the exact area from which the whimpers are originating from. Something he wouldn't be able to do if he was speaking too loudly.

"I...I don't know." The tone Brendon used seemed to worry Ryan, but he couldn't really tell why.

"Spence?" Ryan spoke out more audibly, a mistake he quickly realized. The whimpering had instantly stopped, something that caused every hair on his body to raise. This isn't good.

"Y-y-yeah...?" Spencer was whispering, something he just doesn't do if he's crying. Ryan knew better, something was going on outside of his cell, something the others could see. It was important to know, but he couldn't form the words to find out.

Ryan hesitated before speaking, "Who-who's crying?" His heart stopped soon after the question was asked. The high pitched screech-what else could it be described as other than a screech? Even Ryan couldn't tell-was quickly followed by a loud bang and tremble of the door the tightly secluded him from the rest of the room. Ryan let out a bit of a yelp as the mysterious fiend attacked the door of the questioning boy's cell.

Small cries of fear escaped the lips of his friends in the cells around him, but Ryan couldn't bear to even utter a single sound, afraid of what the being would do if he did.

Moments later all noise is ceased and silence quickly incurs once again. What was that? Did Ryan even want to find out? It was a question that Ryan couldn't even bring himself to answer, let alone even think about it.

"Psst.......Ryan?" Brendon whispered, thought he was quiet, within the silence he could've been yelling and it wouldn't sound any different from him whispering.

".....Yeah...?" It took everything Ryan could muster up to let out a small reply like that; he was too afraid of what the thing would do to him again. Even though it didn't touch him, or get close to him, his heart was still pounding a million miles a minute.

"Calm down. Please. It won't do anything to you if you remain calm, and don't ask questions...Seems to piss it off." Brendon was trying to sound as normal as he could, but he knew what was doing it. But Ryan didn't.

"What is it?" Instant regret of asking that question was eminent. The creature let out the most disgusting growl that should only be left to the imagination. Ryan let out a small cry of fear when it reared his cell again. I BLAME BRENDON! Ryan thought, He should've known that I would've asked that kind of question after what he said! Damn him!

Trembling within himself and he curled into a ball with his arms wrapping himself tightly he silently cursed at Brendon, and at himself. What the hell? How did I get here? How the hell do I get out...I WANT TO LIVE, AND BE FREE!!! Sobbing tears quickly caught up to Ryan as he slowly cracked from the pressure. He's normally so level headed, and he prized himself on being so calm during horrible situations, how could he let himself fall apart like this?

The mysterious creature stopped attacking and calmed back down while Brendon and the others remained perfectly silent as Ryan let out his frustrations and his psychotic babbling. Nothing in the world that was current accessible would calm Ryan down. Brendon's heart was breaking as his best friend quickly became aware of his breaking point, and maxed it out. But, what else could have ever been done? None of them seemed to be aware, and they left at that.
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