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Chapter Thirteen

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"Did you all hear that?" Spencer had responded to a bang that occured seconds before in their pool of unanswered questions.

"Hear what?" Jon hadn't been paying much attention to anything in the last few moments.

"I don't know....Spencer are you losing it now too?" Ryan asked carefully.

Spencer didn't find Ryan's tone caring at all. He actually snapped slightly, "I'm not losing my fucking mind Ryan! I'm not like Brendon and easily manipulated!"

"...Jeez Spence, PMSing much?" Jon was a little taken aback at Spencer's tone towards Ryan.

"Oh fucking bite me Jon."

"I will gladly bite you once we're out of this fucking place." Jon paused, hearing faint crying in the background, "Ryan are you crying?"

"...No..." Sniffles came from Ryan's direction.

"Yes you are! Why are you crying?"

"Because it dawned on me that we're never gonna get outta here!!" Ryan was curled in a ball and crying into his knees. "And my bestfriend has gone completely nuts and the other is being an ass!!"

"What about me?" Jon was slightly confused as to why he was excluded from Ryan's friends list.

"Jon, I don't know if you're you or not...So I kinda don't know how to include you..."


"Am I still the only one who heard that noise?!" Spencer yelled above the other two.

"Spencer shut up!! Me and Ryan are in the middle of a conversation!!"

"Jon you're fucking lucky you're in another cage or you'd be killed AGAIN!!"

"JON!! SPENCER!! SHUT UP!!" Ryan's voice was tiny and shrill as he wiped away the remaining tears.

"Jeez Ryan...Relax...Let Jon and Spencer fight it out."

Ryan pauses, "B-brendon?"


"Holy shit are you okay?!"

"I've been better..."

"At least you're alive..."

"I'd rather be out of here."

"So do we all...So do we all..."

Silence over came them all as they all try to remember the sweet scent of nature and the misty feeling of the wind on the water, but no ones thoughts prevailed to keep such thoughts. Subsequently all of their minds wandered onto what might happen to them if they all stayed there too much longer.

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