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In Your Dreams

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Gerard's bored and Frank is asleep. Let the fun begin.

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This chapter is a continuation of the previous one.
Part 2

[Narrator's POV]

Gerard flicked through the channels aimlessly, before finally settling on Law and Order. It was either that, or some late night documentary on animal reproduction, and Gerard wasn't too fond of watching two gorillas get it on. It only took about 15 minutes before complete and utter boredom kicked in. He sighed and looked around the living room for something that could possibly entertain him. His eyes landed on the sleeping boy that lay beside him, his chest rising and falling at a slow rate, indicating that he was deep in sleep.

After the 'horror movie marathon' ended, Frank had tuckered himself out and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

Gerard's eyes remained on the smaller boy, the hazy orange from the outside street lamps streaming in through the blinds, making him seem to glow. A smirk soon found its way onto his lips. Gerard pulled Frank towards him, resting the sleeping boy's head on his lap. Frank didn't even make a sound - he was a heavy sleeper. Gerard gazed at him for a while, his features soft and peaceful as he slept.

Gerard bit down on his lower lip, contemplating whether he should do this or not. His gaze moved from Frank's lips, to the television, and back again. It would be wrong on so many levels. He would no doubt be taking advantage of Frank and not to mention it would be down right perverted. But dammit, he couldn't help himself.

I'll do it. Just once. One time won't hurt. He thought to himself.

Frank was too far off into his dream land to ever know what happened.

Gerard swallowed nervously before leaning his head towards the boy's. He shuddered when he felt Frank's warm breath against his own skin, tempting him to continue. This is so wrong. He's taking advantage of Frank, and he knows it, but fuck. He can't resist. He very lightly pushed his lips to Frank's, savoring the taste of the younger boy's mouth. He slowly moved his lips against Frank's unresponsive ones. He could have sworn he heard Frank moan, but he wasn't sure. Not much could be heard over his labored breathing. The kiss may have been entirely one-sided, but Gerard still counts it as one of his best. He pulled away from the still sleeping boy and returned his attention to the show, not noticing the smile that now tugged at the corners of Frank's lips.


Once again, this chapter was supposed to be a lot longer but I decided to post this bit first and see what you guys thought so... tell me what you thought, please!
x Nicole
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