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But then you assure me, I'm a little more than useless

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Chapter title from More Than Useless by Relient K. Continuing of the music video. italics are thoughts.

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2010-05-03 - Updated: 2010-05-03 - 158 words

I struggled against the seatbelt.

Don't bother.

William Beckett?

Of course, Peter. Spare the contempt, I know you hate me. I also know that will change soon.

Shut up!



That pathetic hunter can't help you now.

Don't listen to him! A couple of them got me... you know the result.

You know where I am.

Keep fighting him... I'll be there soon!

Will POV

"We're here!"

I...HATE...YOU!!! Pete thought.

"Brendon, fetch our old friend Peter a snack. He must be starving!" I turned to Peter looking very smug. At that point, it wouldn't have taken a vampire to know what either of us was thinking.

Pete POV

Beckett forced me to drink, but I responded by biting him.

I am not his puppet, and I will never do his bidding.

"Why don't I leave you out to burn! Brendon, you are in charge of him." Beckett sneered.

Oh shit. Patrick had better come soon.
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