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A New Vampires Assistent

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My first fanfic, hope you like it, please R&R

Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Darren Shan - Published: 2010-05-02 - Updated: 2010-06-30 - 1889 words

Larten Crepsley walked through the streets just outside of the Cirques campsite. Beaming with pride, he though of Darren, the vampire prince… But his happiness was bitter sweet. He was proud of Darren becoming prince, but he missed him. Though he would never admit it he liked being a mentor. His thoughts were interrupted by a human’s scream. Larten ran towards the sound… He skidded to a stop and watched the scene before him. A man was lying on the ground with a dark figure standing over him.

The creature loomed over its victim, breathing heavily, its clothing tattered and thread bare, its’ nails quite long. Its feet were bare and dirty. It's black mane was knotted and down to it’s hip. Larten slowly and silently moved closer, was it vampire or vampanze? The creature leaned over its victim’s body and fed eagerly. Larten watched the creature feed… it did so for a long time… too long. Larten flitted and tore the creature from the human. The creature fought like a mad beast, clawing, biting and snarling.

Larten was holding it close enough to his body to feel its soft feminine features, the creature was very much a she…. As much as she struggled Larten wouldn't let go. He couldn't let her kill that man. After a while the creature became spooked, it was unable to get away from this stronger thing that had it tightly held. It started to tremble. It began to whimper like a frightened child and like a frightened animal. Tears started to pour down it's cheeks and it howled for it's release. “Hush.” Larten snapped. Almost afraid she would draw attention. One of his nails cut her, he could smell her blood, and she was a half vampire… so where was her mentor?

Larten held on to the young half vampire tightly as he returned to camp and went straight to his van, closing the door tightly before he let the girl go. The girl scrambled in to the far corner of the van trembling and whimpering fearfully. “Shh, I am not going to hurt you…” Larten slowly approached her. She took a swipe at him with her long nails when he got too close. “Stop that!” Larten snapped at her, grabbing her wrists, “It is ok, I am as you are… shh,” The girl growled and dug her nails deep in to his forearms and clawed at him like a wild animal. Larten hissed in pain and let go of her and backed away. “Alright, alright.” Larten sat back against his coffin and simply waited for the girl to calm down. “What is your name?” The girl didn’t answer. “Who is your mentor?” Silence. “Can you speak at all?” The girl wasn’t even looking at him now. Larten sighed a little annoyed. He would just have to wait for the girl to calm down and hopefully answer him… Or for her mentor to come looking for her.

The girl reminded silent for a long time. She looked so frail, almost starved of both food and blood. She probably was... Larten actually fell asleep and woke up to find himself sitting on the floor, his head resting uncomfortably against his coffin. The girl hadn't moved. Dawn was fast approaching. Larten tried speaking to her again, but silence was his only answer. He sighed. Then looked at her again. "I am going to leave a bottle of blood out for you. Feel free drink it if you are hungry." As he expected the girl said nothing. He took a bottle out of his stash, showed it to the girl and put it on the floor. Larten got in to his coffin and forced himself to sleep. But just as he was on the brink of it, he was sure he heard someone take the bottle he had left out...

Larten jerked awake, banging his head on the lid of his coffin, to someone pounding on his trailer door. "Larten! Larten! It's an hour after dusk!" It was Mr. Tall. Larten opened the lid to his 'bed' and got up. The girl was wide eyes and trembeling, her eyes locked on the door. The bottle he had left out was empty. He had been right, the poor girl was straving.

"Larten! Damn it answer me!" Mr. Tall shouted. "I am awake!" Larten snapped back. The girl jumped. "Shh, it is ok... Shh," Larten whispered to her. "Who the hell are you speaking to Larten?" Larten thought fast. "My Spider! Who else?" He heard Mr. Tall curse and sigh. "Look I need to know if you are going to preform tonight." Larten looked at the trembeling girl. "No, Madam Octa is not feeling well..." Mr. Tall was silent for a moment. "Alright." Larten waited until he was sure Mr. Tall was gone. Before he said anything else, and reached towards her to soothe her. "Shh, it is ok... That was just a friend of mine. Do not be scared. Shh..." The girl flinched from his touch. Larten backed off, not wanting to frighten her further. Larten took his former seat across the room and tried to talk to her again... with no such luck. In the distance he could hear the show going on. "I am going to get you something to eat. Saty here and do not leave here." Larten slipped out of his trailer and flitted over to the truck were the food was kept. Only then did it occur to him that he didn't know what she liked. So he got a little of everything. and quickly brought it back to his trailer.

Larten slipped back in. The girl hadn't moved. "here you are, " He spoke softly and soothingly to the frightened girl. He put the plates and bowls on the floor and pushed them towards her. She moved away from him. "No, no. It is ok. It is only food. It is good... I promise." To prove his point he picked up a fry from one of the plates and ate it himself. "You see, It is good..." Larten backed away from her and hoped she would believe him. Slowly, but surely the girl moved forward towards the food. Larten pretended not to watch her. And smiled as she took the food and scarfed it all down. She looked up at him, gratefull for the food and blood.

Larten then snuck in to the costume tent and swiped some cloths for her all of them red of course. and waited outside for her to dress.

It went on like this for weeks. He would stay with her in his trailer, bringing her food and blood, and talking to her, telling her stories of the great vampire battles and such. And each day Larten was able to get a little closer, for a little while. See a new emotion from the girl, she even laughed sometimes. It was a soft sound that reminded Larten of small bells. Mr. Tall however seemed to be getting suspicious. Larten knew he should at the very least tell him the truth, but that would mean that Mr. Tall would want to met the girl... He would have to let other people see her too. The truth was, Larten didn't want to tell anyone about the girl. He didn't want to share her. He wanted to keep the girl as his special little secret. but Mr. Tall wounldn't stop asking questions, and Larten was running out of lies to tell him.

Larten yawned as he told the girl about his mentor Seba Niles, she seemed to like hearing about him. Larten must have fallen asleep while speakinf to her because he woke up to find himself still sitting on the floor, his head resting uncomfortably against his coffin and to his suprise, the girl crawling on to his lap, seeking warmth and comfort. Larten stiffened, but he didn’t dare move, it might send her back in to the corner. The girl was small and so young. She could not have been much older then 10 years old. She was tiny, with moonlight pail skin, ebony hair, It saddened Larten to see a child in such a state. Slowly she rested her head against his chest, closing her jade eyes, long ebony lashes fanning her moonlight pale skin. Carefully Larten moved, she jumped a little but that was all. He slowly wrapped his arms around her, holding her gently and grinned when she cuddled up to him. “I’m sorry… for cutting you…” the girl whispered. “It is alright.” Larten smiled, she had a very quiet, sweet sounding voice. “Where is your mentor little one?” The girl sniffled and buried her head deep in to his chest her face hidden by his cape and shook her head, “I don’t have one.” Larten frowned… Didn’t have one? “Then who blooded you?” “I don’t know…” The girl whimpered. Larten held her tighter, “What is your name?” “Nyx… ” “Nyx what?” Nyx looked up at him from under his red cape, only her green eyes were visible, “Just Nyx...” He nodded. “Hello Miss Nyx, I am Mr.Crepsley.”

Nyx merely blinked at him and shivered before closeing her eyes again. Larten thought hard about this little half vampire. No mentor to teach her, no one to take care of her, too young to fend for herself. A thought came to him then, maybe he could.... No! No, no, no. He wasn't the one who blooded her, he wasn't responable for her... and yet the idea of taking on another assistant appealed to him. However, there were other things to consider. What if she and her mentor had simply been separated or were in the middle of a quarrel? If her real mentor came for her, he would have no choice but to let them have their assistant back. And where would that leave him? Hmmm? All alone once more, that's were. But she did claim she didn't know who the vampire who blooded her was. And by the state she was in, it was very likely that she had been on her own for a very long time. She would die if he didn’t help but he was setting himself up for a heart ache if he did. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t…. He made a rude noise in his throat at the thought.

Nyx shifted against him. Peering under his cape, Larten found that she was asleep, She was curled up in to a little ball, her slim hand tucked under her chin and one arms wrapped around his torso. Her ear directly over his heart and a small faint smile painted her wine colored lips; his heart beat seeming to be as soothing to her as a lullaby. Larten couldn’t help but smile. He felt almost fatherly, and content like this. It was odd. Darren would NEVER have done anything like this. Larten would have worried if he had! Larten shook his head at his thoughts and carefully, so as not to wake the little half vampire, picked her up and settled them both in to his coffin, to rest for the day. It seemed that the Vampire Gods had granted his wish... A new assistent... Hmmmmm....
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