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My Special little Secret

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Mr. Crepsely, feeling the bitter sweet sting of Darren no longer needing him,has found a little half vampire. He really should tell the vampire councile about this...But what if he doesn't want to?...

Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Darren Shan - Published: 2010-05-04 - Updated: 2010-05-06 - 618 words

Larten Crepsley awoke in his coffin with a very warm weight on his chest. Long black hair tickled his face, and a warm breath on his neck. The young little half vampire, Nyx, was cuddled up against him. Her head rested upon his breast, right over his heart, her slim arms laid over over his torso and shoulder. Her spine was proped up on his arm and her leg was innocently drapped over his lower thigh. His red cape was wrapped snugly around her small and frail looking body. Larten smiled. It was nice wakeing up to find someone with you and not all alone like he had been for the past 12 years or so. Nyx stirred slightly and wiggled around a little in her sleep. Larten closed his eyes again just enjoying the fact that for now he just might have some kindred company.

Lartens eyes snapped open and he only barely muffled a laugh as Nyx started to nuzzle his left breast. It tickled. He tried shifting away, but he could move away very far due to the lack of space in his coffin. He jerked a little, but forced himself to remain silent. He did not want to wake her. Nyx stirred again as Larten opened the coffin to let some fresh air in. Nyx streached and yawned. Her eyes were only half open. "Good evening, Madam Nyx." Larten smiled down at her. "Evening..." Nyx muttered still half asleep.

"Larten! Larten! Come out here there is something I must speak to you about! NOW!" It was Mr. Tall again. "Shh, stay in here. I will be right back." Larten whispered very softly. Nyx nodded. Larten got out of the coffin and closed it to hide Nyx. and went outside to see what Mr. Tall wanted.

"Yes?" Larten spoke calmly. Mr. Tall glared at him. "I've never been a patient man so I'll just come out and say it. What are you hiding Larten? You haven't been preforming, the other preformers have seen you sneaking food and plates in and out of your trailer, and you haven't been out of that damn thing in weeks!" Larten remained calm. "I told you, madam Octa is..." "Don't lie to me Larten! It's not your spider! Tell me right now or I'll go in and find out for myself!" Mr. Tall didn't wait for an awnser, pushing past Larten he barged in to Larent's trailer. He looked around. Madam Octa was covered in her cage... then Mr. Tall made a b-line for Lartens coffin.

It took every ounce of self control Larten to not move as Mr. Tall opened the lid to his coffin. But even he couldn't hide his shock when it opened and nothing, was inside...

Mr. Tall closed the coffin lid slowly and turned towards Larten sheepishly. "I am sorry Larten... I over reacted..." Larten snapped out of his shock and cleared his throat. "it is alright, my friend. I would have done the same thing in your place." Mr. tall nodded and excused himself and hurried out of the trailer.

Larten closed the door behind him and whispered. "Nyx? where are you?" Larten looked around, his eyes landed on his closet door that was slightly ajar. "Is he gone?" Nyx whispered back. "Yes." Nyx stepped out of the closet and breathed in deeply, "That was close.." Larten nodded in agreement, he would have to be much more careful from now on. "Yes, far too close." Nyx stood by him and looked up at him. "Why must I hide?" Larten looked down at her, smiled and hugged her to his side. "Because, I simply do not want to share you... you are my special little secret."

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