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Chapter 5

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Gerard and Frank meet this creepy girl.

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"Who are you?" I asked, looking her in the eyes. She didn't look back at me and she didn't answer my question. She just ignored me.
"He asked you a question." Frank said angrily
The creepy girl smiled her ruby red lips at him "Did he? Well tough luck. I can't talk to him."
"It's forbidden."
"What? Why?"
She sighed but carried on smiling "I can't tell you any of this shit Frank. If I did, you wouldn't understand."
"Fine. Who are you?"
She laughed "I can't tell you my name! Just think of me as your biggest fan. For now."
"Then what do you want?" asked Frank "An autograph? A picture? A friendly hug?"
She laughed again "No, you don't understand. I told you already, I've got a mission. And I need to complete it before it's too late." she turned to me "I need to complete my mission so just come with me and it'll soon be over."
I shook my head "I'm not going anywhere with you. Just leave us alone."
Her smile began to fade "Either come with me or I'll make you come with me."
"You can't make me do anything." I said, but I took a step back as I said it.
"Seriously, tell us what you want." Frank said, getting sightly closer to her "Are you some kind of fan that's so obsessed with Gerard that you have to creep him out?"
Her smile returned as she laughed at him "I'm not exactly a fan. I've just been told to do this."
"You have been told to stalk me?"
She ignored me again so Frank sighed "Why are you stalking my friend?"
"Like I said, I have to. If I don't... Bad things happen."
Frank laughed a little "Well I'm sorry, but that's not our problem."
Her eyes filled with tears "Really bad things."
I rushed back forward "Okay, maybe we can help her."
Frank sighed heavily "Fine. What do you need?"
She smiled again "Oh nothing much. I just gotta cut off Gerard's head and take it back to show the others as proof that I killed him.
Mine and Franks mouths hung open "You what?"
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