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The Keeper of Cerberus

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The members of Avalanche had not expected two women from their pasts to simply saunter through the door of Seventh Heaven. Like wise, Faye was not expecting her past to come flying at her face in s...

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"It is raining again…" the blond turned to look back at the girl who spoke.
A brunette with long hair and lavender eyes stared back at her, "I hate the rain…"

The blond stood, running her fingers through the back of her short hair. It stuck out away from her neck, in what her companion called emo fashion, revealing crimson highlights. Her bangs were longest and hung away from the short back; they curled in under her chin, one side longer than the other. "Amaya you are just sour from bad memories," the blond pressed her hand against the cold glass letting her grey silver eyes trail the raindrops that rolled on the opposite side.

"I don't know how you can be so indifferent Fye," Amaya often called her silent companion Fye (Pronounced Feye)a short version of her actual name Faye.
Faye shook her head, "I have just accepted what has happened and moved on."
"But it still haunts you," Amaya answered her fingers mindlessly caressing a small scar that ran across her cheek.
"I see it still bothers you," Faye changed the subject swiftly, "I thought I told you to move on and not dwell?"
"Yeah it's not easy you know," Amaya turned her lavender eyes away her hand falling to her side.
"You do not think I know?" Faye inquired turning to lift her shirt so the brunette could see the thin nearly invisible scar that ran her side. She rolled up her sleeve to show the scars there. "Would you like I continue?" Faye now pulled at her collar.
"No! Please…" Amaya turned away.

The room was silent as Faye looked at their surroundings. They had taken refuge in the broken down shack because Amaya had asked. The walls were crumbling and there was no door allowing a cool draft of air. The only window that was still intact was coated in dust and grime. "We should be on our way… we have been away for to long," Faye pulled her coat tightly around her.

Neither girl was dressed normally. Faye always wore a pair of form fitting black leather pants, which she had turned into what her adopted brother used to call bondage pants. Buckles lined the legs, two on each thigh and one around her waist. To match that, she wore a black wife beater tank top that usually hiked itself up slightly around her thin waist. Her trench coat, which was usually buckled down to her waist unless in battle, hung open at the top and brushed the floor as she stood. She wore a pair of black, knee high, buckle up boots. Hidden under her long coat was the holster strapped to her right thigh, holding her trusted pistol of custom make. If one were to try and strip her of weapons they would find an arsenal, along with the pistol on her right thigh she had one on the opposite side to match, and a pair tucked into her belt. Finally she had a reddish ribbon tied around her wrist.

Amaya was a more girlish dresser. She was less fight comfortable going for her looks instead. Her tight little purple tank top could have passed as a bra. She accented that with a pair of black shorts that were tiny. Faye was constantly giving her shit about her outfit. She wore a pair of combat boots reaching about mid shin, and a set of katanas strapped to her back in an X. She too wore the reddish pink tie but around her throat. Her gloves were full and went full up her arm to her elbow where she folded them over once. She held daggers in her boot tops and one at her belt, ready for action at any moment.

Amaya looked at the floor, "Do you think they will remember us?"
Faye paused in buckling her coat and looked over at the taller girl, "We only know Cloud, Beret, and Neneki."
Amaya nodded, "but … we haven't seen them in so long, do you think that they will remember us?"
Faye gave a soft sigh, "It is not likely they forgot about us…" She moved to where the door frame was being pelted with rain. "If the rain doesn't let up by the time we make the Forgotten City we can stop there," Faye moved into the dull world outside and turned her face up to the rain. Amaya followed her, reluctant to leave the dry room. Faye moved toward the destination at a steady pace always constant.
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