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Have you ever been in love?

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I guess now would be a good time to explain a bit about these two. Fye and Amaya are both members of AVALANCH. They joined up after the incident that took Aeris and Zach. Faye was rather close with Zack, and she had often turned to Aeris for support with problems. She had been there when Zack passed, and not long after she fled. She ran away to become a memory. Happily Ever After didn't have the same ending planned for her as it did for others.

Amaya had stayed to support Aeris, but when the time came for Aeris to leave as well, Amaya took to the road leaving everything behind. Faye met up with her one day and she discovered that she had fled for much the same reasons. They traveled together for a while, before sinking into the fabric of the life around them. Word of Sepheroth's return had reached them only after the dilemma had been solved. They now traveled toward the city of Midgar. Faye had agreed that they had been gone for long enough, and she had gotten word of something as bad if not worse than Omega. Cloud would need to know this when time arose to speak of it.

Ahead of them the forest was gleaming in the hazy sheets of rain. "Faye… have you ever been in love?" Amaya asked.

Faye sighed; she had been on this love trip for a while now it was bound to come up. "Once… a very long time ago," Faye replied ignoring the way her bangs stuck to her cheeks and chin with the rain.

Amaya was shocked, "really? I bet he is handsome, who is he?"

Faye let her eyes fall to the ground before her, "He… it does not matter, it was long ago, and besides he was killed." Amaya fell silent.

They moved through the first few trees and came to a road that led through the center of the forest. Faye moved past it and through the sparse underbrush. She paused at a lake. Sitting against the trunk of one of the large glowing trees, she watched as the rain drops danced ripples on the waters surface. Rain still reached her. She was already drenched and her cloths stuck to her slim body. Amaya was trying to use a rock for shelter. With a sigh Faye shook her head and stood, "I was wrong, you will die of hypothermia, let's get to Edge." Amaya nodded and moved to stand beside the blond.

She looked over at Faye; the silent silver eyed girl seemed to care nothing of the rain and cold. There was so much she wanted to know about the woman who had become her closest companion, but it was unlikely it would come simply on request. One thing she had learned was that Faye was a person of few words when it came to her past. She spoke freely around those she knew well, and even let a bit of joy slip into her otherwise serious voice and outlook.


"So Cid anything new?" the woman standing behind the bar questioned. The blond wearing goggles atop his slicked back short hair turned to the brown eyed woman. "Nothin' much, just the usual," Cid replied a cigarette dangling from his lip.

A large dark man came in and slapped his metallic arm on Cid's back, "Just glad things slowed down right Tifa?"

The woman nodded and turned toward a blue eyed man with gravity defying hair, "Cloud, the gang is all here so what are we going to meet about this time?"

Cloud shrugged, "No idea just a day to hang out and talk I guess."

Yuffie grinned, "And play games right?"

Everyone sighed and shook their head at the childish girl. Everyone sat around and talked quietly.
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