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A Place Called Seventh Heaven

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Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Vincent Valentine - Published: 2010-05-08 - Updated: 2010-05-09 - 490 words

Faye pulled Amaya back as they entered the area of Edge.

"We don't even know where they are," Amaya said looking around.

"I remember something about Strife Delivery while we passed through Kalm, I think I caught the name of a bar too," Faye looked around as they walked. "That's the place," she nodded at a place called 7th Heaven. When they approached the door Faye noted the sound of Amaya's boots on the concrete. Inside movement cause her to stop and motion Amaya to be still.


Cloud noticed Vincent's eyes shoot to the door suddenly. "Someone there?" he questioned his friend. The silent man nodded without speaking. Cloud in turn nodded to Beret and took one side of the door his sword ready. The air grew tense and the conversations died as all concentrated on the door. Tifa let her hand fall to the nearest glass; she would throw it as a distraction should need be. Beret took the other side and nodded at Cloud when he saw the handle of the door turn.


Faye pushed her coat back away from her holsters and she gripped Wrath and Hell Raiser loosely. Amaya noted the way her friend was watching the change of light from under the door. The rain was still coming down in thick cold sheets, but neither let this faze them. Amaya gripped the sword above her right shoulder and stood ready. Faye could feel the tension in the air, she could smell aggression. She reached forward with the left hand and turned the handle. She threw the door back and stepped inside, drawing both guns. The movement was so fast that the door was opened and both pistols were pointed directly at the person on either side of her before anyone could realize what was happening.

The gunman in the dark corner had nearly missed this action, and found it hard to follow. The room was now silent, only broken by the steady sound of rain. Faye had her head down and her eyes were closed, letting the water drip from her face and bangs as she took deep steady breaths. She finally lifted her head and tilted it toward the shocked swordsman she had once known, she opened one icy silver eye and looked at him. She swung Wrath around her finger and mumbled, "Bang." He along with everyone but the one in red flinched. She tucked both guns safely into their leather holsters and ran her hand over her soaked hair.

"Where the hell have you been Shadow!?" Beret yelled relaxing. Faye winced at the nickname Beret had given her many years ago. "How are you Bear?" She returned the friendly gesture of name calling. She moved to the side to allow Amaya into the bar and out of the rain. Faye looked at Cloud her eyes blank and cool. He returned her gaze, but rimming his eyes was sadness and pain.
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