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That is Vincent

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"Come on this one next!" Zack dragged her to another shooting station.

Cloud shook his head, "too much alike."

"They are rather like brother and sister aren't they?" Aeris stated a smile and laugh gracing her face. Cloud nodded at her before turning to watch his friend drag Faye around the stations, testing her skill. They did this to each other once a month it seemed, and every time it seemed the same.

Suddenly Zack cried out, "DON'T CALL ME ZACHARY!" The two of them wrestled around for a while laughing and screaming. Then they returned to the shooting stations.

Cloud came out of his flash back when she sighed.

"Do not look at me like a lost pup Chocobo," her voice was stern and her eyes narrowed. She placed a hand on his shoulder and moved so Amaya could hug him.

Amaya looked around and asked, "Where is…" She was not able to finish her sentence as a child came racing toward them and practically tackled Faye.

Faye folded her arms around the girl and held onto her. "Where did you go!?" she sobbed into Faye's coat.

Faye stroked the girls' hair, "forgive me."

"…Marlene," Amaya finished with a sigh.

Faye's eyes softened as she held the girl, "You are going to get wet little one."

"You didn't even say goodbye…" Marlene wrapped her hands in Fayes' trench ignoring the cold water that soaked into her cloths.

"You will get sick," Faye pushed her away from her to arms length. Marlene's big brown eyes looked up at her. Beret took his daughter into his arms and nodded at Faye. She returned the nod and moved to where cloud was talking with the woman standing behind the bar.

"Faye this is Tifa," Cloud introduced them. Faye extended her hand for her to shake.

"You are part of AVALANCH?" Tifa asked seeing the ribbon around Fayes' wrist. Faye nodded her head and looked back at Amaya who was talking with a girl with short black hair and a head band.

"That is Yuffie, she is a bit hyperactive," Cloud commented.

"Hey babe, names Cid," the blond sitting at the bar next to her saluted her.

She nodded, "Faye… not babe."

Cid laughed, "Me 'n you will get along just fine." Faye noticed a familiar flaming tail from the corner of her eye.

She knelt and couldn't help but caress the soft red fur as the cat pushed his head into hers in greeting, "we have much to catch up on Fye."

She nodded, "we will find a time to catch up Nene." Behind Neneki was a small black cat with white belly, and muzzle. Atop the cats head was a crown and to add to that a cape was tied around his neck. Faye raised her eye brow at the creature.

"Cait Sith at your service lass," he gave a dramatic bow.

"Pleasure," she said and turned her attention to Cloud.

"He belongs to Reeve," Cloud said setting a glass of whiskey in front of her. Faye unbuckled her coat and pulled it from her body. It peeled away reluctant to leave her due to the water.

"Here let me hang that so it will dry," Tifa stepped up and took the trench coat, "Surely you would like something dry to change into?"

Faye shook her head, "I will be fine."

Her eyes caught someone in the corner, a flash of deep radiating crimson. Her own eyes flashed in the dim light a small trace of blue fracturing the perfect steal gray. She locked with the crimson orbs of the man who had been sitting quietly in the corner. Long black hair fell around his face and shoulders, his brow hidden beneath a band of red. There was a slight flutter in her heart but she wouldn't have recognized it even if she had felt it.

"That is Vincent," Cloud noted the way the two were staring at each other. The name sent her mind reeling.
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