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I wont Leave

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Fabina Echeverria moves to oakland, unwillingly until she meets Jospeph Armstrong, a rockstar's son, he is romantic and perfect. they bond completly and Fabina's 12 year old sister falls for Jakob,...

Category: Green Day - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Published: 2010-05-08 - Updated: 2010-05-09 - 320 words

Fabina POV

I woke up to the sounds of bird chirping, my first morning in Oakland, Great. i got up and ate some cereal. i went upstairs to decide what to wear. i got my favorite faded grey skinny jeans and my Beatles shirt, put them on and looked in the mirror. i was presesntable. who cares what they think, i thought. i ripped a brush through my curly hair and put in some hairspray. i dug through a box looking for eyeliner. i found it and quicly applied some with clear lip gloss. i grabbed my tore up Green Day bag and ran out the door i ran to my school. just down the street. i learned that until class started we had to wait outside the school doors. i couldnt slow down, my purple converse were taking me faster than i intended to go, then i ran into him. he knocked both of us down "Oww!" i said rubbing my head "Watch where your going!!" he said without looking up. but when he did look up he looked apoligetic. "Im so sorry," he said smiling "Im Joey" i looked at him and smiled back "Fabina, but call me faby" he got up and offered his hand to me. i took it and he pulled me up grinning widely, we walked away from the spot in which we had fallen, and discovered wee had all the same classes. we went to homeroom first and sat next to each other, talking until class started. i learned he had a little brother named Jakob. who was my sister Emily's age. 12. the teacher walked in and we began teh lesson.

Emily's POV

i hung out on the grassy field waiting until we could go inside and start school. i was sitting away from everyone, until one boy walked up to me. the first thing i noticed was that he had chubby cheeks.
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