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Falling for you already

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Emily's Pov
"Im emily" i said smiling at him. we were wearing the same shoes. Black converse for both of us. "Jakob Armstrong" i smiled at his last name. it was the same last name of my favorite singer, Billie joe Armstrong. remebering i caught him looking at my Grenn Day shirt. "I, Uh like your shirt" i he said. "You like green day?" i asked him "Im kinda forced" he said looking down at me then sitting next to me i giggled "you cant be forced to like anything" i said. "You can when your dad is the singer of the band" he said looking away. my eyes got wide and my jaw dropeed "Your dad is Billie joe..." i said shocked "Yeah, i dont tell people becuase they just wanna meet my dad"

Fabina POV

The school day went by fast and Joey walked home with me and we sat in the bench in my backyard adn talked. about our lives. i told my mom i was going to a friends house and joey led me to his place, we walked in and i seen him. Billie Joe armstrong. the singer of my favorite band green day. jopey smiled at my surprise and introduced me to his parents. "Im Fabina" i said "Im Billie and this is my wife adrienne" i shook their hands and joey put his arm behind my back. "Where's Jakob?" he asked
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