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I love you never gets old

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"he should be home in a few minutes" adrienne said walking to the kitchen to start dinner. we went to Joeys backyard and layed in the hammock,he looked over at me and i gigled, "What?" i said smiling "Nothing, It's just that..Your sorta beautiful.." he said and i smiled and blushed. "Well Mr Armstrong, you are very handsome yourself" i said giggling. he smiled and wrapped his arms around me. we sat there slient for 5 minutes our arms wrapped around each other.

Emily's POV
After school passed we went to jakobs place and studied in his room i layed spread across his bed and he was sprawled across the floor, we were taking turns reading from our History book. after we got done studying i layed with with my head dangling upside down from his bed and he was on the floor, his head near mine we looked into eachothers eyes and smiled.
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