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Junkyards and Pizza

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Category: Green Day - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Published: 2010-05-15 - Updated: 2010-05-16 - 176 words

Faby POV

we were still laying there and thats when his mom came out and announced that it was time for dinner. we quickly scrambled up. and ran into the house. then i looked at the table and seen my little sister. "Emily??!!" i asked in surprise. she waved and smiled, then sat down next to a boy who was probably Jakob. i sat with joey and we all egan eating.
after Dinner i walked home with emily and went straight to bed, thinking of joey.

Emily POV

i layed in my bed and waited for my phone to ring, when it did i snuck outside and met jakob. we walked around, hand in hand and went to the junkyard. we layed down on the hood of a car and looked at the stars, then i fell asleep
the next thing i knew jakob was shaking me lightly to wake me up. "emiLY, wake up its 4:30 AM. we
fell asleep!!" we jusmped up and ran home laughing. he went to his house, i went to mine.
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