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Everyone is Watching

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Faby POV

we didnt have school the next day, memorial day. i cant belive my mom made me move ehre in the last week of school until summer. i woke up at 10:30 And made myself presentable and ran to joey's house, of course, he was outside waiting for me. "Good morning sleeping beauty" he smirked. i giggled and huggged him not letting go. he pulled away and kissed me square on my lips. his neighbors were outside were watching, we didnt care, but we pulled away and i bit my lip.he grabbed my hand and led me to the backyard.

Emily POV

i felt a soft hand smoothing my hair back my eyes fluttered open and jakob was standing there, "Good morning" he smiled and sat next to me. i put my hand on his and smiled back. he stood up threw me a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and went into the hallway to allow me to change, i did so. and walked out.
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